Ethiopia Erupts in Chaos; Attempted Coup - Internet SHUT OFF Nationwide

Ethiopia erupted in chaos last night beginning around 8:15 PM UTC as armed gunmen began what appears to be a Coup to overthrow the government.  Internet connectivity began shutting down at 8:15 and 98% of the country was offline 45 minutes later.  Still shut down this morning.

Reports emerged of an attempt to unseat regional state government in Amhara, north of capital Addis Ababa.

National IP connectivity dropped to 2% of normal levels as the Prime Minister’s secretariat appeared live on Ethiopian Television to explain, “armed men tried to unseat the Amhara Regional State Government by force but their attempt has been foiled.”

Data indicate that the outages have progressed to nationwide impact, after regions in the north, including Amhara State and eastern regions first went offline as word of the coup spread ultimately leaving 98% of Ethiopia offline, a situation that is ongoing at the time of writing.

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed confirmed the assassination of military chief, General Seare Mekonnen 



The US embassy has issued a security alert in Ethiopia. 

Coup CONFIRMED underway in Ethiopia. 

Gunfire in the capital Addis Ababa & other cities. 

Senior generals loyal to PM killed. 

PM appeared in military uniform on TV & called for unity.