Cruise Ship Sends "MAYDAY" off Norway Coast

Cruise Ship Sends "MAYDAY" off Norway Coast

UPDATED (see Bottom) The Cruise ship "Viking Sky" has transmitted a "MAYDAY" Distress call off the coast of Norway.  The ship has suffered engine failure and is drifting toward the rocky coastline.

The vessel is asking for the immediate evacuation of 1,300 passengers and crew before the vessel smashes into the rocks.

Norway Coast Guard is on its way.

The photo below is actual imagery from the actual emergency scene:

 The vessel SEEMS to be about 300-400 yards offshore, although the ocean water is VERY cold.

A person being plunged into such cold water would lose the ability to use any of their muscles in less than a minute due to hypothermia. 

With seas obviously rough, persons in the water would not survive, even though they are literally so close to land.



The Norway Coast Guard has supplied the video below.   Helicopters are removing passengers safely and other naval rescue ships are arriving.  If, God forbid, someone falls into the water, there are other rescue ships nearby to save them. HOPEFULLY, all will be taken to shore safely.


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    Really · 4 months ago
    The higher the tech, the greater the chance for failure. Viking longboats rarely had drive system issues. The ocean is unforgiving. That's why I stay well inland. Went on one cruise. Hated it.
    Unless all you want to do is eat and drink, don't waste your money. Once you're offshore the scenery doesn't change.
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    Gifford Rodine · 4 months ago
    The failure analysis on this loss of power must be done by critical thinking marine failure analysts. Ships are never supposed to loose power.

    Some of the recent msm reports of aircraft failures may not have been done by critical thinking aeronautical engineering failure analysts in my opinion.
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      Carl Goldsworthy · 4 months ago
      An airplanes black box is an automated, logically checked event log set up to monitor and record a human beings actions.
      Unless it is built into the software - it might be that the actions of a fuzzy logic/AI pilot will never be fathomed.
      Because of "commercial reasons".
      For instance I am not allowed to read M$ windows code after purchase - let alone the code for a 737.
      Hence I like open source linux et al - and believe that all "intellectual copyright" is actually legalised theft and should be scrapped.
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      Jill Hart · 4 months ago
      Do you think/consider t
      Hat emp weapons might be interfering with these engines? That these aircraft that fell out of the sky and this ship might be practice for targeted emp attacks? Because Boeing suffered in the stock market maybe they (whoever they are) are targeting ships for a minute in hopes it will be overlooked
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Janet Christophersen · 4 months ago
        Not the Boeing situation...try camaflaged drone bringing down the Russian plane with the choir and very important to Russia person for an example of sabotage. The Boeing issue is well understood, the various alterations made to the old frame, new software and then lack of pilot trading and information not in manual. It’s. Appalling,one black box recorded the frantic efforts in the cockpit to find an explanation in the manual. as the plane dived.
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    Sid Levin · 4 months ago
    Hope they can drop the anchor successfully.