COVERT INTEL: Venezuela - Dangerous Developments . . .

COVERT INTEL: Venezuela - Dangerous Developments . . .

SUBSCRIBERS ONLY -- My former colleagues in the Intelligence Community (from my years with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force) have revealed very serious developments in Venezuela; with severe ramifications for the USA and war . . .  COVERT video below:

Yesterday two aircraft from the Russian Air Force (RuAF) arrived at Maiquetía Airport in Venezuela, and rolled up to the Presidential ramp reserved for Nicolas Maduro. 

WHO got off the first plane is a major problem.  WHAT came off the second plane is worse.

And MORE Special-Ops Troops:

Among those deplaning: Russia Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu:

Shown here in civilian clothing . . . .

Here is video showing the second plane landing and arriving at the Presidential Ramp area:

 WHAT was unloaded is a major problem: Missile Guidance Radar Systems:

The arrival of Russia's Defense Minister, along with Special-Ops troops and brand new radar systems for missile guidance shows that Russia intends to support military conflict in Venezuela - presumably against the US and our allies.

This is a DRAMATIC ESCALATION of worsening conditions in South America.

Clearly this is intended to send a message to the USA.   The trouble is, now we have to send a message back.  

I am told "We will . . ."