China's Giant Three Gorges Dam "Deforming" - Fears of Failure / Collapse

China's Giant Three Gorges Dam "Deforming" - Fears of Failure / Collapse

China's massive Three Gorges Dam across the giant Yangtze Rive, is under so much pressure from torrential rain and flood waters, the gigantic dam is now PHYSICALLY DEFORMED so badly, it can be seen by satellites in space!  There are now very real fears the Dam will fail and collapse, sending massive amounts of flood waters downstream, killing millions and wiping out all manufacturing in China.

The satellite images below tell the story better than words.  The photo on the left is the Dam, right now.  The photo on the right was how the Dam looked before the flooding.


The amount of compression deformity is stunning.   This is not a piece of plastic or steel that can readily bend; this is concrete.   

While concrete has terrific compression strength, and can handle enormous downward weight, it has very little tensile strength.

Ultimate tensile strength, often shortened to tensile strength, ultimate strength, or within equations, is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking.  

That's why engineers use very high grade steel reinforcing when building something like a Dam.  The steel prevents the movement of concrete from stretching or bending.   It looks now, however, that either the Chinese engineers didn't use the right steel, or perhaps didn't use enough steel.  Here's anpother serial view:

The Three Gorges Dam is seriously compromised, and in danger of failing.  Here's another view (Click image to greatly enlarge)


What happens if it fails?

If the Three Gorges Dam is completely collapsed, more than 10 billion cubic meters of reservoir water will be released in a short time, and the coast between the dam site and Shashi City will be directly impacted by flood waves, resulting in serious disaster losses.

The Gezhouba Dam water conservancy project will be severely damaged, and Yichang flooded in the area below the railway line, and the embankment of Zhicheng, the upper and lower Dizhou and the Jing Jiang flood areas will be flooded by the embankment of the West Bank.

The maximum flow rate of the dam break peak will reach 100 - 2 million 370 thousand cubic meters per second. The flood peak will reach the Gezhouba Dam water control hub at 100 km per hour.

The flood peak will reach 310 thousand cubic meters per second, the flood damages the Gezhouba Dam and enters the city of Yichang.

The flow rate in the Yichang city is still at rest. With 65 kilometers per hour and 4 to 5 hours after dam break, the water level of Yichang will reach 64 to 71 meters above sea level.

In 1998, the maximum flow of flood in the Yangtze River was 60 thousand cubic meters per second, and this present flood peak is 37 times that of its flood peak, and the speed of the flood peak will be 100 kilometers per hour, the same speed as cars on a freeway.

The Gezhouba Dam water control project will be washed away under such a flow and speed.

The average elevation of Yichang is less than 50 meters above sea level. When the flood level reaches 64-71 meters above sea level, Yichang city is 20 meters below water. Residents of Yichang have little chance to escape after the Three Gorges Dam bursts because the flood peak reaches Yichang half an hour after the dam bursts. In one city in Yichang  500 thousand will be killed.

Not only Yichang can not hold, Shashi can not hold, Jianghan plain can not hold, Wuhan can not hold, Beijing and Guangzhou, the Beijing Kowloon Railway also can not hold, the scope of the flood will reach Nanjing.

In 1986, the Sichuan provincial CPPCC investigation group pointed out in the report that "if a war broke out, the Three Gorges dam must be the primary goal. If the dam was destroyed, the big cities in the middle and lower reaches of the dam were displaced, the consequences would be unimaginable."

To put it simply, a failure of the Three Gorges Dam would be an unstoppable destruction of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, flooding tens of times worse  than the "100 year flood."

Deadly flooding arrives in Wuhan in 10 hours and in Nanjing in 1 day. Tens of tens of tens of meters of flood washes across buildings, it is hard to imagine that people can escape.

The Yangtze River Valley is the center of China's elite gravity, with 38% water, 25% arable land, 40% grain, 33% cotton, 66% freshwater fish, and 350 million people. Do you understand this effect?

The downstream area of the Three Gorges dam is China's strategic power.

According to the study of Yang Lang, a military commentator, the Three Gorges project is in a very critical and very sensitive position in the whole of China's national defense. If the dam breaks, both space and time will have a significant impact on the whole national defense, and the effect of the disaster field is serious.

In the lower reaches of the Three Gorges Dam, the Central Plains of the Three Gorges have always been the battleground of the army, and now it is the main military place for China.

Forty-five percent of the Chinese army, twenty percent of the armored division, Thirty-eight percent of the infantry division, and one hundred percent of the airborne division.

It is the strategic reserve force of China and the strategic mobile force of China.  If the strategic mobile force is consumed by dam break floods, the result is very serious: China will be economically ruined, its army wiped out, and it will be left without food, a military, or defenses.


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