WILD CLAIM: California to Crack in Two; Portion to Submerge in Ocean

WILD CLAIM: California to Crack in Two; Portion to Submerge in Ocean

The Hal Turner Radio Show received a warning from a scientist who works at CalTech, for the Division Office of Geological and Planetary Sciences.  This person says that the recent large earthquakes, and ongoing aftershocks  -- which now total above six-thousand -- along with satellite/GPS land-movement monitors, prove that California is cracking into two pieces, and the western piece will submerge into the Pacific Ocean.

This person is screaming that people should EVACUATE CALIFORNIA IMMEDIATELY.   His exact words were:

"They're NOT gonna warn people. There is not enough time to evacuate everyone. GET OUT NOW! The whole state is about to crack in two. Please listen."

This person did not state WHEN this alleged catastrophe is going to take place.  This person did not name any particular LOCATION points within the state which would mark the location of such a catastrophe.  This person did not provide any data sets, GPS maps, or other scientific data to support this claimed pending catastrophe.  In short, this is nothing but a wild, unsubstantiated claim.

I do not imagine that rational people would suddenly uproot their lives and evacuate without having proof.  Evidence.  Data.  



I pass this along to convey the urgency expressed by this scientist, his ardent belief this is going to take place, and to let folks see that there is a massive variance between what some experts interpret as taking place with these massive earthquakes, versus what other experts interpret as taking place.

Folks will have to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.



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