"Trump to "Go Full Animal" on Opponents After Being Cleared by Mueller" - Steve Bannon

"Trump to "Go Full Animal" on Opponents After Being Cleared by Mueller" - Steve Bannon

Donald Trump will 'go full animal' on his political opponents after Robert Mueller's investigation found his campaign did not collude with Russia, Steve Bannon says.

Trump's former policy adviser says the President will 'come off the chains' and use the findings to 'bludgeon' his adversaries in the lead-up to the 2020 election.

Bannon also believes Trump will use Mueller's report to neuter all ongoing investigations in Congress, and says they should be considered dead in the water.

'When I saw no new indictments — I thought, Oh my God!' Bannon told Yahoo News

'They didn't indict anybody regarding the Flynn investigation, they didn't indict Don Jr! 

'Maybe [Mueller] could have details about obstruction of justice that are not indictable, but are meaningful. But right now, it looks like they have nothing.'

He continued: 'If the Mueller report doesn't have details about obstruction of justice, Trump will say: "We're not dealing with [House Judiciary Chairman] Jerry Nadler." 

While Democrats can request documents, Attorney General Bill Barr will simply refer them back to Mueller, Bannon says.

Bannon added that he believed all along that Mueller would find nothing.

He even advised Trump not to discredit Mueller, believing that the probe would exonerate the President, he said.

Bannon also reveled in Democrats being 'reduced to tears' by the report, while lambasting news networks for their coverage of it.

'On 'Rachel Maddow,' she went 10 minutes into her show before the words ‘no indictment’ crossed her lips,' he said.

'On CNN, they're in the mumble tank,' he added. 'They're crestfallen. They thought this would be it.'

It wasn't.