The Medical Bills from my Heart Attack are in: $454,725.56

The Medical Bills from my Heart Attack are in: $454,725.56

On April 20, 2019, about a month ago, I suffered a Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) while on my way to a local supermarket to buy food.   I was taken to Christ Hospital in Jersey City by ambulance and admitted.  Two days later, I was transferred to Englewood Hospital because I needed open heart surgery.  The Bills are now in:   Christ Hospital: $102,519.91     Englewood Hospital: $347,813.56    Add-in the ambulance charge from local EMS: $842 and the McCabe private ambulance service charge to transport me from Christ Hospital to Englewood Hospital: $3550.   My total medical bill came to:


Four-Hundred Fifty-Four Thousand, nine-hundred seventy-five dollars, and fifty-six cents.  

Let me be clear at the outset that these numbers were the ORIGINAL BILLING to my Insurance company, before any Contract rates were applied.   So this is the figure that a person WITHOUT INSURANCE would be expected to pay.

Thank God I have private health Insurance . . . 

My Insurance company has already paid Christ Hospital $97,393.91 to fully settle their bill of $102,519.91

My Insurance company has already paid Englewood Hospital $178,395.26 which reflects their Contract rates.

The Insurance fully paid for North Bergen EMS ($842) and the bulk of the McCabe Ambulance charge.

Now, there are still some outstanding payments due to some Doctors, but the bulk of those will be paid.   

My expected Out-Of-Pocket will be maybe $2500 when it is all said and done.   

That's a big hit in and of itself, but nowhere near what it would have been had I been among the un-insured.

Stop and think about this for a moment.  What if I didn't have Insurance?

I would be wiped out.  Destroyed.   Everything I worked for my whole life would be gone.  I would be left Bankrupt and maybe even homeless.

All because some plaque built up in my heart arteries that I didn't even know was happening.

Now ask yourself: What if this was YOU?

A single, unexpected health issue could utterly wipe you out.  Your whole life -- all you've earned, all you've saved, all you own -- gone to pay for a single health catastrophe.

This is the reality of health costs here in the United States.

As I rely once again on each of you for donations to keep this web site and radio show alive, please remember that I must also deal with this health cost.  It's NOT your problem, it's mine.  But please be as generous as you can.  --- And make sure you have Health Insurance!