The Medical Bills from my Heart Attack are in: $454,725.56

The Medical Bills from my Heart Attack are in: $454,725.56

On April 20, 2019, about a month ago, I suffered a Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) while on my way to a local supermarket to buy food.   I was taken to Christ Hospital in Jersey City by ambulance and admitted.  Two days later, I was transferred to Englewood Hospital because I needed open heart surgery.  The Bills are now in:   Christ Hospital: $102,519.91     Englewood Hospital: $347,813.56    Add-in the ambulance charge from local EMS: $842 and the McCabe private ambulance service charge to transport me from Christ Hospital to Englewood Hospital: $3550.   My total medical bill came to:


Four-Hundred Fifty-Four Thousand, nine-hundred seventy-five dollars, and fifty-six cents.  

Let me be clear at the outset that these numbers were the ORIGINAL BILLING to my Insurance company, before any Contract rates were applied.   So this is the figure that a person WITHOUT INSURANCE would be expected to pay.

Thank God I have private health Insurance . . . 

My Insurance company has already paid Christ Hospital $97,393.91 to fully settle their bill of $102,519.91

My Insurance company has already paid Englewood Hospital $178,395.26 which reflects their Contract rates.

The Insurance fully paid for North Bergen EMS ($842) and the bulk of the McCabe Ambulance charge.

Now, there are still some outstanding payments due to some Doctors, but the bulk of those will be paid.   

My expected Out-Of-Pocket will be maybe $2500 when it is all said and done.   

That's a big hit in and of itself, but nowhere near what it would have been had I been among the un-insured.

Stop and think about this for a moment.  What if I didn't have Insurance?

I would be wiped out.  Destroyed.   Everything I worked for my whole life would be gone.  I would be left Bankrupt and maybe even homeless.

All because some plaque built up in my heart arteries that I didn't even know was happening.

Now ask yourself: What if this was YOU?

A single, unexpected health issue could utterly wipe you out.  Your whole life -- all you've earned, all you've saved, all you own -- gone to pay for a single health catastrophe.

This is the reality of health costs here in the United States.

As I rely once again on each of you for donations to keep this web site and radio show alive, please remember that I must also deal with this health cost.  It's NOT your problem, it's mine.  But please be as generous as you can.  --- And make sure you have Health Insurance!




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    Matthew Worner · 2 months ago
    Just think, Hal. With the change from a half a million, you could spring for a Big Mac!
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      Matthew Worner · 2 months ago
      Hope you are recovering quickly, but I was only kidding about the ratburger. Better a steak; you can see what's in it.
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    Michele Schauer · 2 months ago
    I was sorry to hear about your heart attack a month ago and was concerned that you could have been a victim of a directed energy weapon attack because of your work. I am in the biz and have seen a lot of "manipulated" stuff let's say. There is an abundance of government promoted health damage problems such as the rising rates of autism due to vaccines, the rising rates of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, cancers etc. even in children due to processed foods, EMF and poor medical management. If your kid is diagnosed with diabetes at 8 years old, diet and exercise will oblitereate the problem, but the MD will order insulin management. We spend more money on healthcare than other nations, but we are the sickest. We need to remember the simple things, like when we were children and autism, childhood diabetes and cancer were almost non-existent. There is something very wrong with this picture.
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    Kimberly Moore · 2 months ago
    Thanks Hal for the true news you share with us. I am a Navy Veteran, I am a caregiver for my mother, live in her home, am a single woman, and make under $500.00 per month. I send you a small blessing of funds and hope others will do the same. I pray for your full recovery and healing in Jesus : } GOD Bless you . . .
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    William Durant · 2 months ago
    I hope all is well with you. I pray your recovery is quick and that you grow in Grace as you navigate through this trial. Hang in there, Jesus Christ loves you my friend, cast your cares upon Him and He will lift you up.
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    Feral Woods · 2 months ago
    To hell with insurance! It's one of today's most overwhelming scams, cause of hardship and inflated cost. I'm not "special", and neither is anyone or anything else. If I, or you, or one of the minor gods drops dead, universe could not care less. Those around us who depend on us will find another way and carry on. I'm not giving one nickel to the mafia imposed insurance industry, those who feed it are part of the problem.
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    Peter Milne · 2 months ago
    Who was it that named USA "The Greatest Country in the World" ??
    Ask him Hal - or maybe a her
    We prob going same way here in NZ
    At the present time all is good - but there is a shortage of good surgeons/doctors and nurse starting to show, especially in Auckland which is heading toward 2 million. Overweight and poor diet generation starting to filter into the system that will I am sure clog it up - no pun intended
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    Al · 2 months ago
    I live in Canada where all citizens have government provided health insurance at no extra cost. Recently had over two hour back operation on L3, L4 and L5. Total bill was $5 for my overnight parking. US citizens come here by the bus load to buy insulin which costs 10 times as much in the USA. The average cost for medical care per person is half the cost of what you pay in the US.

    No pregnant woman sits on the curb at the hospital here, waiting for midnight, in order to deliver.
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      Paul Lambert · 2 months ago
      Al. I would look into a few more anecdotes and review your country's system a little more before singing its praises.

      You have all these costs, only their are foisted onto non-user's (i.e., taxpayers) to pay. "No extra cost." Is not exactly true, is it? I haven't seen the stats lately, but when I was involved in this issue, back the late 90s, it worked out that every man, woman and child in Canada paid 400 dollars a week for the health care system. At the emergency wards in London, Ontario, people are showing up only to be told by the emergency staff to call 911, while plenty of Canadians who can afford it do pay to travel abroad for medical care they cannot get at home. Interestingly enough, Canada is the only country in the world except for Cuba and North Korea where it is not legal to pay privately for medical care (unless you are visiting from abroad). People who are willing and ready and able to pay for treatment and put money into the system are legally forbidden from doing so.

      Now, stories like Hal's certainly make socialised medicine tempting. I think this was by design. Between the AMA, Obamacare, drug regulations and all sort of other bureaucratic crap driving up prices, it is no wonder the prices are so high. If you dig deep into the issue, you will find this can all be explained by government interference. Medicine is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. However, too many people will look at Hal's story and then conclude that the solution is even more government interference, i.e., socialisation.

      As for the price Hal paid, I am not sure he would actually pay those amounts had it paid out of pocket. Invoices to insurance companies are always highly inflated. Granted, it might be different in the US, but when I went to a lab to get a blood test in Canada eight years ago, I saw the bill on the counter that was going to be sent to the government health insurance plan, it was 388 dollars (for for a simple blood test for diabetes!). I pulled out my wallet ready to fork out when the lady asked me for my health card. I told her I didn't have one and I would be paying out of pocket. She then told me to wait a minute while she prints up my bill. It came to $23.85 in total.

      I am don't know whether this would be similar in Hal's situation (I am just glad he doesn't have to find out).
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    TSlinger · 2 months ago
    Staggeringly corrupt racket. Yes...racket. Get away from pharma and "healthcare" system as fasdt as possible. I use doctors ONLY for injuries, they generally know jacksquat about health and nutrition. Just consider:
    1. GOD made food (fauna/flora). God is SOVEREIGN, omniscient, omnipotent, etc.
    2. Clean food is medicine (Hippocrates), not chemicals and adjuncts.
    3. A healthy you means a cash poor medical system- get it...they NEED you chronically sick forever.
    4. Think the big ag/food producers don't know and understand this?

    Frankly...if you eat properly- which means a diet very, very low on carbohydrates, sugars, artificial ingredients, processed foods, engineered oils (soybean and canola especially)- it is difficult to find yourself in poor health. None of this "whole grain" bs. None of this "low fat" bs. None of this "low cholesterol" bs. You need a diet sufficiently high in proper fats primarily, moderate protein, and clean vegetables (not corn and potatoes though...).

    Look at the American diet and ask yourself why we are the sickliest country on the planet, consuming the most drugs and medical care- er..disease management.

    To shrug this all off is to have been owned by the very system that only sees you as a cash cow- regardless of "good intentions". I wrote off doctors and began curing myself of every malady some 20 years ago, even "curing" cancer (a fungus). It's not that hard. Don't be lazy and learn for yourself. Remaining addicted to the American "healthcare" system only feeds it and allows it to grow like the fungus it is- most bankruptcies in this country are the result of 1 incident. Been there- ain't going back.

    (steps off soapbox)
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      Paul Lambert · 2 months ago
      I am much to your way of thinking on this, TSlinger. In just the past two weeks, I have stayed off carbohydrates and feel much better and my blood sugar is almost at normal levels. The best health insurance is taking care of ourselves by following Biblical health principles, or even secular-derived principles that are copacetic with them.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        TSlinger · 2 months ago
        Amen Brother. May God continue to bless and lead you. In my early 40's I was in early heart failure. Only it wasn't- it was simply inflammation caused by diet and your carbs are the culprit, the most inflammatory food we consume (yes, even "whole grain"). Most disease is simply inflammation (cardiovascular), fungus (cancers), or allergy (auto-immune type). Glad to hear your good report!
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Paul Lambert · 2 months ago
          Thank you! It's still early days, but so far very, very good. As me again in the future if you like and I will give you an update.
          • This commment is unpublished.
            TSlinger · 2 months ago
            Excellent! Would like to hear and will pray the continuance...
            The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
            and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.
            For by me your days will be multiplied,
            and years will be added to your life.
            If you are wise, you are wise for yourself;
            if you scoff, you alone will bear it.
            • This commment is unpublished.
              Paul Lambert · 2 months ago
              Book of Proverbs, Chapter 9 (I think). Words to live by.
              • This commment is unpublished.
                TSlinger · 2 months ago
                Yessir...and although I took liberty with the the context of the particular, it is not out of line universally, I think. Some Truths have universal application.
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    TL Spurlen · 2 months ago
    A majority of people cannot afford health insurance and if they bought the insurance they couldn't afford the rent. Seems they can fix a lot of things but never insurance, it just goes up and up.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Paul Lambert · 2 months ago
      However, the price of smartphones, computers, internet and other relatively non-regulated industries open to free-market competition keeps going down. It's not an accident.
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    Gifford Rodine · 2 months ago
    Most people (bottom 50%+) under 40 have no idea what you are talking about. They think the "government" is going to take care of them. They have been told that all the way through their public school years. The "smart" ones in the upper 50% are taking government bureaucratic jobs so they are sure the "government" will take care of them. Just look at the lines of people taking the civil service exams to "qualify" for government bureaucratic jobs. In california there would be hundreds to thousands of people taking the civil service exams to qualify for 5 or 10 jobs, for about 20 years straight. That is why pukeloosey, schooooomer and the demorats supported by rinos thought they had an open and shut case for government health care. Know your doctor and his loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath and the pledge to "First Do No Harm." Then think about the "kept" doctors that want to keep "what ever" funded.
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    · 2 months ago
    It's money or your life.
    I did some math and here it is (I also sent this to President Trump)

    Date: March 22, 2017

    Subject: Health Care

    From: Guy D. and Suzanne M. Aul
    Hot Springs, SD 57747

    To: Representative Kristi Noem
    Senator Mike Rounds
    Senator John Thune

    Health Care in the United States is not sustainable in its present form no matter what legislation is introduced. I will explain in the following how the “math” proves this.

    1. Currently, total Health Care expenditure is about 22% of GDP for FY 2017.
    2. Current GDP is about $18.943 Trillion.
    3. Total Health Care expenditure is 22% of $18.943 Trillion which equals $4.17 Trillion.
    4. Current population of the United States is about 324.7 million.
    5. Health Care expenditure per each man, woman and child is about $13,000 ($4.17 Trillion/324.7 million citizens).

    Item 1 data from
    Items 2 and 4 data from

    As we can see from item 5 above, cost per man, woman and child is $13,000 each. How can it be possible that such an expenditure be paid for? The math does not lie. It is unsustainable without question. Put simply, how could a family of four afford $52,000 per year for Health Care {4x$13,000)? How can the “Affordable Health Care Act” pay for this without increasing the U.S. National Debt or increasing taxes?
    The solution to the high costs of Health Care is going to be a tough one to swallow. We need to reduce the prices for drugs prescribed by doctors, prices doctors charge for their services, prices charged for various diagnostic tests and prices charged by hospitals for all their services. For Health Care to be affordable as well as sustainable, ALL prices charged by Health Care providers must be reduced by 90%.

    Let’s see how this reduction in prices charged for all services mentioned in the previous paragraph will result in more affordable Health Care.

    6. Total Health Care expenditures would amount to 10% of $4.17 Trillion (from line 3 above) which equals $417 Billion.
    7. This new amount for total U.S. Health Care expenditure would result with 2.2% of GDP instead of 22% (from line 1 above).
    8. Cost per man, woman and child would now be $1,284 each ($417 Billion/324.7 million citizens). For a family of four, we now have a cost of $5,136 ($1,284x4) give or take. Compare this to the numbers given previously at $13,000 per man, woman and child or about $52,000 for a family of four.
    9. Based upon (8) above, we now have a Health Care cost of $107 per month ($1,284/12) for every man, woman and child in this country, or for a family of four it would cost about $428 per month ($5,136/12) which would still be a lot of money for many. It’s a starting point in any case.

    Given the “math” from (8) and (9) above, we now have a more affordable Health Care Act which sure seems to be more sustainable. Please note that even with these new numbers, many still will not be able to afford Health Care, but many more will at least be able to afford Health Care. A move in the right direction is better than not doing anything.

    Lastly, to prove how “sick” our system of Health Care in the United States is, Bloomberg ranked the U.S. as number 50 out of 55 as least efficient (from data taken in September, 2016) and CBS News ranked the U.S. last (from data taken in June, 2014) when compared among the top 10 most wealthy countries. Of course, the U.S. has the highest Health Care costs of any country. Does this make any sense? Something is terribly wrong with this picture and it comes down to the greediness of the medical establishment.

    Sources of information given in the previous paragraph are as follows:

    I know that reducing all medically related prices by 90% seems extreme to say the least. However, are not the prices currently charged extreme? Yes, we would receive a backlash on such a move. Threats of shutting down services, threats of bankruptcy of hospitals, doctors, nurses, labs, drug companies, employees, etc. Don’t forget that all those in the medical establishment have taken advantage of their position by creating a “bubble” in Health Care. Their party is over and they need to take their “medicine” as this attitude of “your money or your life” is unethical to say the least.

    My answer to the backlash of reducing Health Care prices by 90% and their resulting threats would essentially be, “if you don’t like it, leave the country and see how that works out”. The free market will always provide a way of replacing poorly run “businesses” with ones more efficient.

    In closing, the “math” given clearly shows the condition of Health Care in this country and it’s not sustainable currently. We’ve provided a solution to this problem and hope that you may implement as soon as possible.


    Mr. and Mrs. Guy D. Aul
    • This commment is unpublished.
      TSlinger · 2 months ago
      The bigger problem is perception...via deception. Our system has been called health care form every perceivable outlet- but that is a complete misnomer. It's disease management...or rather symptom management. Managing symptoms does not cure a thing. It only suppresses the "feels" but in most cases causes more disease (side effects). The challenge, really, is trying to show Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public how to discern and see clearly that we are owned by the pharmas- it is THEY who control it all- and I do mean it all: lobbying, education (on-going and med-school), studies, trials, cross-disagnoses, etc. THEY are the smoke-filled back room with their hands in every pocket and purse string. Once THAT light comes on... a flood of dots come stringing together and you'll never willingly offer up another dime to them. It truly is, all...about...the money.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Gifford Rodine · 2 months ago
      Great analysis, thanks!