Pressure-Cookers Shut NY Subway Station - Dry Run or Prank?

Pressure-Cookers Shut NY Subway Station - Dry Run or Prank?

Bomb Squad officers with the New York Police Department's counter-terrorism division said two suspicious packages found at the Fulton Street subway complex were not explosive.

The two items were rice cookers, according to two law enforcement sources. They do not appear to be modified in any way, one of the sources said. Authorities are looking into whether the items were accidentally left behind - or if this is some type of bomb prank.

Another suspicious package was found near a garbage can in Chelsea just over an hour later. Cops have not determined what the third package was or if it was dangerous.

Police urged straphangers to avoid the Fulton Street subway station because of the first two packages, which were reported by a 911 caller.

The station was evacuated out of “an abundance of caution,” a police spokesperson said, before the Bomb Squad cleared the devices

In a tweet, the department said, “Expect a police presence and emergency vehicles in the area. Check @NYCTSubway for possible schedule changes. More info to follow.”

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    Thomas N. Kuss II · 3 months ago
    New York City police officer who radioed from child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein’s high security prison cell the morning of his death the words “snapped neck” was discovered a few hours ago suicided with a bullet in his head—an initial assessment one would expect to come from a long-serving police official familier with such deaths—and was an assessment confirmed shortly after this NYPD senior officer was suicided by it shockingly being revealed that an autopsy showed Epstein’s neck bones were indeed broken—thus further confirming that the main suspect in Epstein’s now proven murder remains former President Bill Clinton... By Faal My Opinion: Hal there's a reason all these Cops are being Suicided with a little help from Contract Hitters. Just thought you'd like to know to have faith these Cops aren't Stupid Enough to Commit Suicide (without help - think about it)…
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    Copperhead · 3 months ago
    Ban assault cookware. Think of the children!