President WALKS OUT of Meeting With Pelosi & Schumer

President WALKS OUT of Meeting With Pelosi & Schumer

President Donald Trump met with Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer this afternoon . . . . for mere minutes; then the President got up and walked out on them!  

It went like this:

"Just left a meeting with Chuck and Nancy, a total waste of time. I asked what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up, are you going to approve Border Security which includes a Wall or Steel Barrier? Nancy said, NO. I said bye-bye, nothing else works!"

From the President himself:



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    John Davis · 7 days ago
    Can you see now?

    This "created" crisis is a pretext for what will become martial law. Let me explain.

    Our President, who actually does love America and our military is being presented with a circumstance that is in face value a true crisis. It's real.

    The George Soros funded Luciferian "Deep State New World Order Globalists" are presenting to our president the only viable in your face solution to what has been "manufactured."

    If I were to say X times Y =Z
    anyone with a rational mental stability would answer with the correct solution. Choosing the obvious answer.

    Three things are presented, 2 are not correct. This is social engineering in use.

    When a national emergency is declared, this becomes a military venture. All agencies, namely "Homeland Security"
    are activated. It is no longer a civilian problem.Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Neilson explaned this on Hannity last night.

    It only takes a flip of the switch to move to MARTIAL LAW. The President is no longer overseer of that venture. This is what UWEX-16 was practice for. "A Declared National Emergency." The head of homeland security would then become overseer.

    5 DAYS IN MAY.

    Expect a False Flag or some context to preempt this transition.

    U.N. forces are already here.

    A Christian and a Desert Storm vet,

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    Robair Victor · 7 days ago
    ~MarkDice tells the rest of the story that's missing from the Commie'crats present N.Pelosi & C.Schumer rhetoric...
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    Sherlock · 7 days ago
    Get the FIFTH COLUMNISTS out of this CHRISTian government
    Charles Schumer is a dirty traitor, betrays America to Israel .... he bragged about it.
    Is Chuck Schumer on a Mission From God to Protect Israel?
    Senator Chuck Schumer is receiving a lot of attention from an interview he gave yesterday to a Jewish radio show for some very sharp criticisms of how the Obama administration has handled its recent dustup with Israel. ... Near the end of the interview, this is how Schumer reiterated his devotion to the cause of Israel:
    "You know, my name .... comes from the word shomer, guardian, watcher. My ancestors were guardians of the ghetto wall in Chortkov. And I believe Hashem actually gave me that name. One of my roles, very important in the United States senate, is to be a shomer — to be a or the shomer Yisrael. And I will continue to be that with every bone in my body ... "
    Schumer is an AGENT of a Foreign Government, undermining OUR Government and Nation.
    Schumer is all FOR you paying for that wall around Israel but YOU do not deserve security.

    What is good for Israel should be good for America. NO "dual citizen" allowed in government. Israel: Three dual-citizen MKs ordered to annul their foreign passports
    by Shahar Ilan - Haaretz - Feb18 2009
    The Central Elections Committee has ordered three Knesset members with dual citizenship to annul their foreign passports by next Tuesday's swearing-in ceremony, or at least begin steps to cancel them.
    The three lawmakers are Yohanan Plesner of Kadima (who has Danish citizenship), Nitzan Horowitz of Meretz (a Polish citizen) and Yisrael Beiteinu's Anastasia Michaeli, who holds a Russian passport. The Basic Law on the Knesset states that "a member of Knesset holding an additional citizenship that is not Israeli ... will not take the oath of loyalty until he has done everything he can to relinquish it." -
    Nobody can have loyalty to TWO Nations at the same time. So nobody with "dual citizenship" should be allowed to hold any post in our government, JUST like Israel does.
    By the way ....... How many CHRISTIANS sit in the Israeli "knesset"? ANY? EVER?
    CHRISTIAN tax dollars bought and paid for Israel ---- their knesset should be 50% CHRISTIAN.
    Israel would not exist without JESUS CHRIST and the tax dollars of HIS Flock.

    What the Jewish Rabbis think of JESUS “As for Christianity, there is a dispute among Halachic authorities, but the vast majority consider it idolatry as well. Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”
    Read that last bit again very,very SLOWLY so the retarded "christianzionists" can follow: "ISLAM, on the other hand, is NOT considered idolatry.”
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    William Raywalt · 8 days ago
    It's a little obvious that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer both suffer from their own liberal Democrat conjured-up mental illness - Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I wonder if we can invoke a congressional version of the 25th amendment to get rid of them both?
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    DontWatchTV · 8 days ago
    Trump's speech, as well as, SchumerPelosi's speech were the two worst political primetime speeches I have ever heard.

    It's like the speeches were scripted and they were forced to go through with it. The worst acting ever. No passion or conviction at all.

    Simply staged to get the ignorant masses to hate each other.
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    Corporal of USMC · 8 days ago
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Robair Victor · 8 days ago
    ~The apathetic N.American-citizens saw that their 'savior' D.J.Trump was not personally on the Nov./Midterm-ballot, and most being preoccupied with working to pay their bills, mortgage, and taxes, -just stupidly stayed away from the Voting-precincts in droves, --much to the delight of the largely Welfare-supported Commie'crats..! Thus the Republicans need to kick some lazy-butts now, -as by not thoughtfully running for Political-office, or at least showing-up to vote, they've placed a terribly-heavy burden upon our esteemed President struggling to overcome the ever conniving Jew-zionist Rothschild-agents like N.Pelosi & C.Schumer. Also, it appears that the Rep.candidate- J.Cox running for Gov. in California, -was a likely Rothschild-agent 'shill', -put in the running to discourage some ethical 'hi-energy' gent that could have prevented Calif. from going totally Communistic; --very sad state of the State!
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    Onno · 8 days ago
    A great country taken over by psychopaths, that is what a psychopathocracy is.
    This is a classic: "YOU can't argue or bargain with psychopaths'
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    Paul Lambert · 8 days ago
    I really cannot help to think that the mid-terms were rigged. How could the American people ever want those Democrats in control of anything, even a dog pound, let alone political positions? Trump walking out is no more than an acknowledgement of the reality that there is no dealing with the Democrats, who clearly do not have the best interests of their constituents at heart. Sticking around for a meeting would only give them an undeserved level of respect.
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    Brent Miller · 8 days ago
    Love it!!