President to Invoke the "Insurrection Act" to purge Illegal Aliens from USA

President to Invoke the "Insurrection Act" to purge Illegal Aliens from USA

President Donald Trump is planning on using the Insurrection Act to remove illegal immigrants from the United States.  It may ALSO be used to take under arrest, entire State Legislatures and City Councils, who have enacted "Sanctuary Laws" to directly interfere with federal immigration enforcement.  

According to multiple senior administration officials, the president intends to invoke the “tremendous powers” of the act to remove illegal immigrants from the country.

“We’re doing the Insurrection Act,” one official said.

Under the Insurrection Act of 1807, the president has the authority to use the National Guard and military in order to combat “unlawful obstruction or rebellion” within U.S. borders. The act was last invoked in 1992 by George H.W. Bush to quell the Los Angeles riots, and was also used by Eisenhower in 1957 to enforce school desegregation in the south.

The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law (10 U.S.C. §§ 251–255) (until 2016, found at 10 US Code, Chapter 15, §§ 331–335, renumbered to 10 USC, Chapter 13, §§ 251–255) that governs the ability of the President of the United States to deploy military troops within the United States to put down lawlessness, insurrection, and rebellion.

An official expressed concerns that Trump’s use of the act’s powers would face legal challenges, pointing to the lawsuits against the president’s travel ban from majority-Muslim countries. However, as the official noted, the travel ban ultimately prevailed in the Supreme Court.

In addition to the Insurrection Act, the president is also considering declaring the country full and insisting that the U.S. can no longer handle the massive influx of illegal immigrants.

“If you take a ship and it holds 1,000 people maximum — one more person and the ship is going to collapse,” the official explained. “The country is full.”

“Our hospitals are full, our detention centers are full,” they added.

ICE facilities were forced to release 100,000 illegal immigrants in the first three months of 2019 because of overcrowding in detention centers. (RELATED: Overwhelmed ICE Facilities Forced To Release Illegals)

Separately, the president unveiled a new immigration plan Thursday that focuses on border security and merit-based legal immigration. The plan, which was co-authored by top aides Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller, would increase the proportion of visas granted to highly-skilled immigrants and also establish a self-sustaining border security fund.

It is anticipated by some (not all) that the ENTIRE California state Senate, and an overwhelming majority of the California state Assembly may be taken under arrest for enacting state laws with the specific intent of thwarting federal immigration enforcement.  Similarly, the State Legislatures of New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts could also find themselves in federal handcuffs for similar Sanctuary laws.   

The New Jersey Attorney General may also find himself (and his turban) dressed in prison orange for enacting official policies that instruct local law enforcers they are forbidden to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.  "These laws, Ordinances and policies are overt Obstruction of federal law" said one White House source; "it's time to put a stop to all of it" he continued.

At the city level, Cities like New York, Jersey City and Newark, NJ could see former and current elected officials carted off to jail for enacting local versions of Sanctuary laws or policies.

More details as they become available . . . check back.