Prepping: Food, Water, Guns, Ammo and More!

Prepping: Food, Water, Guns, Ammo and More!

Before this site upgraded to Secure/SSL, I had a page about "Prepping."   It did not carry over when this site changed to Secure/SSL.  I have updated it, and restored it.

The page provides insight as to supplies you should have and NUMEROUS sources to get them: Filter masks, goggles, Water storage/filtration, Emergency Food, Emergency electric and Heating, Fuel storage, Communications gear, guns, ammunition, Faraday bags to protect electronics,  anti-shatter film for window glass and much more!

Click HERE to view the "Prepping" page which is now also Menu item in the menu directly above the news sections.



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    Gifford Rodine · 4 days ago
    That would be:

    Good information.
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    Gifford Rodine · 11 days ago
    A ham license, novice, is fairly easy to get. A lovey lady in this area did a great job teaching us how to study to pass the test. There several on line study programs also. Participate in a radio "check in" in your area for practice. We have several in this area weekly. AMRRON has a nation wide emergency channel 146.420 mega hertz, a 2 meter ham channel, that will VERY likely have emergency info in a crisis chaos situation.
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    Bruce Hollar · 11 days ago
    Thank you Hal.