New York City Health Dept. Announces THIRD Possible Coronavirus Case


Published 11:05 PM EST --  Late Sunday night, the New York City Health Department announced there are currently THREE suspected cases of Coronavirus in New York City.   Two are being treated at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, the third is being treated at Flushing Medical Center in Queens.  ALL are awaiting test results from the CDC in Atlanta.

In the United States, there are eleven CONFIRMED cases of this deadly virus, which originated in China.

This is a developing story which will be updated below.  Please check back for updates.

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    Jill Hart · 2 months ago
    I think the only reason the numbers of infected aren't astronomically higher is because they don't have enough kits to test that many people. If you notice they numbers of infected are going up sequentially. And it represents about 2% of those who have died, almost as though they took 98% of the dead number they wanted to use and called that the "number". Mike Adams is pointing out the numbers haven't changed on the John Hopkins site in over 14 hours. That too is rather unusual.
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      Jill Hart · 2 months ago
      these are the stats from one day to the next:

      It reflects infected cases from one day to the next starting with stats on the 29th of January. It does suggest to me that there are a fixed (and the number is pretty small) number of test kits.
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    Mike · 2 months ago
    I work with a Chinese fellow (US citizen now) and started a conversation about this with him.

    He said that he read an article on a Chinese social media website that it run by the Chinese government according to him it said that the virus can also spread by skin contact. Door handles etc.

    He seemed very concerned about it and told me to be very careful going out and around to places.
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    Sedge Hammer · 2 months ago
    Someone professing a career in genetics posted something in the comment section a few days ago about populations more susceptible - those with higher ratios of ACE2 cells. Then they posted this list supposedly from 1000 Genomes Project -- no explanation what "at risk" meant in relation to this particular virus - or where one might find the link which I could not find and which the poster claimed had disappeared. I re-post here in case it's helpful - but again, haven't verified any info:

    Average of six genetic variants associated with higher ratios of ACE2 cells: RS233575 (A), rs714205 (G), rs198124 (C), rs879922 (G), rs2048683 (G), rs1877752 (C)

    POPULATION---------------------------------% EFFECTED

    Japanese in Tokyo, Japan----------------------92%

    Southern Han Chinese------------------------92%

    Kinh in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-------------91%

    Han Chinese in Beijing, China-----------------90%

    Chinese Dai in Xishuangnanna, China----------90%

    Peruvians from Lima, Peru--------------------78%

    Bengali from Bangladesh---------------------77%

    Sri Lanken Tamil from the UK-----------------75%

    Indian Telugu from the UK-------------------74%

    Mexican Ancestry from Los Angeles USA------72%

    Gujarati Indian from Houston Texas----------68%

    Americans of African Ancestry in SW USA-----66%

    Punjabi from Lahore, Pakistan---------------65%

    African Caribbeans in Barbados--------------64%

    Luhya in Webye, Kenya---------------------63%

    Mende in Sierra Leone----------------------62%

    Esan in Nigeria----------------------------62%

    British in England and Scotland-------------61%

    Gambian in Western Divisions in the Gambia-61%

    Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico-------------60%

    Colombians from Medellin, Colombia-------59%

    Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria------------------57%

    Finnish in Finland-------------------------57%

    Iberian Populations in Spain----------------56%

    Utah Residents with N. and W Euro ancestry--53%

    Toscani in Italia---------------------------51%

    Source: 1000 Genomes Project
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    Jill Hart · 2 months ago
    We are hearing the numbers are less than 20k infected. I would venture to guess that the real number is really upwards of millions. Statistically it almost has to be given the shear number of people in China. A million is a relatively small fraction of a billion. If the infection rate is even 2.6 and this has been running for six to eight weeks virtually unstopped mathematically the number of infected has to be in the millions.

    Having just watched the kid reporter from Wuhan talking about no transportation it reinforces my belief that millions are infected and thousands are dying and have already died. Keeping in mind, again 744000 people die each MONTH in China when all is well. How many normally sick people, you know like heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, etc aren't getting treatment and are dying from that?

    Something to think about as you do your own preps. Do you have extra meds n do you know how to treat most things that could happen to you n your family?

    And even if it doesn't get out of hand here most meds (including antibiotics) come from China. They aren't working right now. It might be two weeks before we start to feel the impact of Chinas shut downs, but make no mistake we will feel it. Wander down the isle of any box store and look at where things come from.

    Just about everything in China is shut down. So even if the disease doesn't get out of hand here, the dominos have already started to fall. May Yah have mercy on use all.
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    jw williams · 2 months ago
    Im not from New York, but thank you Hal for your consistent reporting.
    In my opinion, we are facing upcoming bad, bad times. To know there is a man made bioligical virus created to infiltrate, infect, contaminate and depopulate our planet earth is beyond lunacy..
    May God be with us.