Left-wing Fascism: Economic Deprivation Until You Cannot Fight Back

Left-wing Fascism: Economic Deprivation Until You Cannot Fight Back

In the real world, fascism is when the corporations and governments work as a single entity, and you can wander around with your fucking gun all you want. In fact, you'll have to wander around, because the government/corporations took your house and your car, and no one will hire you.

At which point you'll be arrested, not as some big anti-government hero by jackboot thugs, but for stealing bread to live on, by a perfectly normal cop who's just doing his job, a job that absolutely no one except you disagrees with, so when you shoot and kill him you're getting the electric chair and no one thinks you're a hero at all.

There are different types of totalitarian governments, and assuming a fascist one operates like a communist one is faulty. Fascist governments don't put troops in the streets...they work with corporations to make sure 'the wrong sort of people' do not have any economic power, and do not have anywhere to peddle their ideas.

Modern fascist states don't even bother to kill those people, and pretending they're going to show up in some stormtrooper outfit and start a gun battle with you is insane. They'll show up with a court order to evict you from your home because you failed to pay your mortgage, because pressure came from the top at your company to let you go. Or they'll just sue you and ruin your finances.

America is not a bunch of tiny castles where, as long as you can hold off the invading armies, you will be fine. The idea that that is how the world works is astonishingly naive. Almost all the population of America lives in housing they do not fully own, they get food from places they do not control like the supermarket, they require operating in society for money to obtain said food and shelter, a society where economics are controlled by some very large players that can crush them like bugs.

And a fascist state isn't going to 'assume control', you asshat. There's not going to some insane coup, there's a going to be a slow change, which has, in fact, already happened, or have you not looked at the telecom immunity stuff? That's classic fascism. The government breaks the law, the government gets private companies to break the law, the government gives said companies huge amounts of cash, the government attempts to make such behavior legal retroactively. We've got government officials and AT&T officers leaping back and forth between each other in an incestuous loop. Your government spying on you, sponsored by AT&T. It's not 'totalitarian' yet, as evidenced by the fact the public managed to stop the immunity, but it is fascism, at least the start of it. (And the same thing's happened with Blackwater.)

Oh, and before you start ranting about gun control some more, be forewarned I'm against it. I'm just not stupid enough to think that the US government being slowly corrupted by business is something that can be fought off with gunpowder. Guns are useful to deter crime and to deter invasion. They aren't useful against a corrupt government in any meaningful way.


This is how the left-wing operates, and they are in full-blown attack mode right now.  ANYONE who disagrees with their points of view on ANY topic, is de-monetized, suspended, revoked, smeared, made unemployed and so-on.

The worst part is, as THEY are doing this, they scream about YOU being a "fascist."   

Such is our plight in this two thousand-nineteenth year of our Lord.


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    Matthew Worner · 1 years ago
    Public "education", anyone? No wonder the traitors want public "college". If the brainless masses went where the government wasn't in control they might just get the truth before there's a chance to permanently implant the lies.
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    · 1 years ago
    "The worst part is, as THEY are doing this, they scream about YOU being a "fascist."" This is the classic psychological use of "projection." People and groups of people use it all the time. But for the left, first they destroy your ability to think rationally, then their "projection" seems reasonable to those who do not think for themselves. This is how they get votes along with other illegal means when the "projection" falls short, ie ballots in the trunk delivered a day after the election.
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      · 1 years ago
      Make your plans accordingly.
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    Carl Goldsworthy · 1 years ago
    The goal of a capitalist is to achieve a monopoly ( 51% - as Gill Bates said "Give me 51% of the market, and I will get the rest" ).

    One means is using IP - it is a State granted monopoly.
    Buy the IP for a drug you can make for a dollar - then sell it for 10,000.

    Another is legal compliance of a product. Pay politicians for yours to be legal, and your competitors illegal. The EU used pollution laws to make much of rest of the worlds petrol cars illegal/overtaxed to allow German diesels vehicle sales.

    The taxation rules by bribed politicians can favour your business over others.
    Corporation lawyers write the tax code changes they want - politicians get them updated in the "Title 26" - 6,550 pages long IRC download.

    Then there is the medieval guild system. Create one for your trade - say doctoring, lawyering. The Guild trains and qualifies doctors - limiting numbers.
    The government makes it illegal for anyone else to practice your trade, so you can charge as you please.
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      Carl Goldsworthy · 1 years ago
      The goal of a socialist is to achieve a monopoly of state ownership.
      Socialists and capitalists elites fight to rule the people.
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    BRIAN KEANE · 1 years ago
    unfotunately (I have kid and grand-kid) Hal TOO accurate re trend/pattern and this was "show-cased" Mussolini, Hitler "fascists" (true) BUT not FDR, M KIng (Canada) where government/private sector organizations launched big time!! Rockefeller's "competition is a sin" is the guiding principe of these guys for close on 100 yrs either monopoly or oligopoly. Frequently hard to see, for example Billy Clinton master of "new reg's" stroke of genius (diabolical) We make new rule, business pays to apply new rule, we hire inspectors to insure company comply; cost of compliance skyrockets,so only large transnational can afford the regulatory compliance staffs (legal, accounting, enviromental, work safety, equity quotas etc etc.); oh yea, and since they assuredly do control new money creation and contraction as well as influencing the direction and timing of release it does not seem like the type of scenario that can be undone. I don't have an answer
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    jack marsicano · 1 years ago
    i have guns because they allow me to have a choice on how i die and i don't want to die for nothing, i will die free and resisting. Communism is the mark of the beast and complete abandonment of the faith in God. what more do i need to know?