Iran to Deploy Naval Fleet off U.S. Atlantic Coast

Iran to Deploy Naval Fleet off U.S. Atlantic Coast

Iran will deploy a naval fleet in the Atlantic Ocean in response to a similar action by the US Navy in the Gulf.

The Iranian admiral and chief of the navy, Touraj Hassani, announced that in March the warships will begin that route as a reflection of the military strength of the Islamic Republic.

Hassani revealed that the Sahand Destroyer, a recent creation of the Iranian war industry, will be part of the fleet that will sail to the Atlantic.

It is a modern version of destroyers of the Moudge class with double defensive power and offensive with respect to its predecessor, the Jamaran, with improved torpedo ramps and surface-to-air missiles, among other pointed weapons.

Iran is concerned about the presence of US aircraft carriers in the Gulf that fulfill the presumed mission of preventing navigation of the oil tankers of the nation of the Persians.

The Atlantic Ocean is far away and the operation could take five months, said Hassani, who previously reported that soon two or three vessels of the Iranian navy will arrive in Venezuela.

In recent years, Iranian ships have extended their reach to the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden to protect commercial vessels from pirate attacks.

That presence is aimed at thwarting plots of Iran-phobia and securing maritime routes, said the Iranian admiral.

The show of muscle between the United States and Iran has grown in intensity since President Donald Trump pulled Washington out of a nuclear agreement sealed in 2015 by Tehran and six world powers.

The Republican magnate ordered the re-imposition of sanctions against the Islamic Republic in the banking, aeronautics and energy sectors that were lifted previously by the nuclear pact.