INTEL: Huge Naval Deployment to Indian Ocean "Send Message to China"

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Amid the ongoing Border stand-off with China in Ladakh, the Indian Navy has deployed almost EVERY OPERATIONAL WARSHIP it has under the Eastern and and Western Naval Commands, to the Indian Ocean to send out a clear “message” to China.

India's three service chiefs (Army, Navy, Air Force) have been meeting regularly since the border tensions in Ladakh started simmering from early May and all military strategies are being planned jointly.

This naval development comes as the Indian military is preparing to respond to Chinese aggression in a joint manner keeping in mind the possible collusion of China and Pakistan.

“India has reacted in all domains to counter China and to tell her that what she has done is unacceptable. This involves the Army, Navy, Air Force, diplomacy and even economics,” a top government official said.

The official added that the ships have been deployed to send out a message.

This deployment comes after the USA, Australia, and Japan commenced freedom of navigation exercises in and around the South China Sea two weeks ago; also designed to send a message to China.

While the messages seem to be getting through, they do not seem to be having any effect.

It appears to many military analysts that a direct, kinetic, confrontation is brewing.  A big one.

 UPDATE 6:30 PM EDT --

France sends 36 Rafale jets to India

India purchased 36 Rafale fighter jets from France under a government-to-government deal in 2016 at a cost of $8.7 billion. The delivery of the jets was expedited by France at the behest of India after border tensions with China worsened in April of this year.

The new Rafale jets add strategic depth and strength to India’s air combat capabilities, says an Indian official after inducting five Dassault Aviation fighters on Monday. The jets are headed to the Ambala Air Base in Punjab, close to Ladakh and the Pakistan border.

 Pilots and ground crew have received comprehensive training on the aircraft, including its highly advanced weapons systems, the Indian Air Force said last week in a rare declaration of operational status.

​After the arrival of the Rafale fighter jets “efforts will focus on operationalisation of the aircraft at the earliest”.