Immigration Raids CALLED-OFF

Immigration Raids CALLED-OFF

President Trump has personally CALLED-OFF the scheduled Immigration round-ups, previously slated to start after midnight tonight, in order to give Democrats and Republicans two weeks to try to iron out their differences on Border Security.   Has the President gone insane? Does he think they will agree in two weeks to what they refused to agree on for the last two fucking years?  This is Lunacy!

Face it: The problem of illegal immigration is not going to be solved until Americans pick up guns, go to the southern border and start shooting and killing every wetback that crosses the Rio Grande or climbs a border fence.  That's the only language they understand.  It also seems to be the only language the federal government understands.

The son of a bitches infesting Congress are mostly on the take; they keep their hands out for corporate donations in order to continue screwing up immigration policy, keeping the US work force large, and thereby keeping wages low.  Employers spend big bucks on Congressional donations because it saves them a thousand times as much in labor costs.

In the meantime, the average middle class person in America cannot find a job that pays enough to support a family and pay a mortgage.

Worse, as tens of thousands keep flowing into the country, they carve out little enclaves of their own kind, creating little duplicates of the third world shit-holes they fled from.  And if anyone in America says anything bad about this lowering of our living standards, they're crushed and reviled as a "racist, bigot, hatemonger, xenophobe, etc."

So we the American people are left with a government WE PAY FOR, which doesn't do as WE TELL IT, then lowers all of our living standards, and, today, calls-off the immigration raids to throw out people who have no right to even be here.

This is so fucked it is no longer salvageable.  The system is so screwed up, it cannot be reformed.

Burn the whole thing down and start over.

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    Matthew Worner · 4 months ago
    I'm sorry, Hal, but the direction to head with our arms is east first, then south. Once the invading horde sees the leftist/marxist traitors full of holes they'll think twice about storming our borders and we'll save ammo in the long run. We know who the Nadlers, Pelosis, Lieus and their ilk are and where to find them. They are the ones who are most in dire need of perforation so why not start cleaning up the filth from the top down instead of stemming the tide of filth from third world shit holes attempting to drag us down to their level? As we used to say in Nam, "Kill them all; God will sort out the dead."
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    Copperhead · 4 months ago
    Was all misdirection to keep everyone from paying attention to the US trying to FF its way to a war in Iran. There was never any intent in removing illegals from the country, or to prevent their flow across the border.
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    Robin Robbins · 4 months ago
    Bullets stop invasions.
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    Gifford Rodine · 4 months ago
    The S is HTF.
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    transformationtime · 4 months ago
    "...This is so fucked it is no longer salvageable. The system is so screwed up, it cannot be reformed."
    Yes, true. I totally agree. We are on a down hill journey.

    *Hopes die last* they say. A very bad philosophy in times of mounting threats.
    You believe it is different in Europe with the whole of Africa being invited to come in? A huge threat to this civilisation, too.
    When our societies are talking of hopes for a change, a restart by slogans like "Make America great again"..."Yes we can", or the germans by "Wir schaffen das" - to me it just sounds hollow, to me it tastes like a cold coffee warmed up, to me it looks like a masking up of societies despondency, cluelessness, a lack of education and knowledge of history, consequences of an excess in consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, chemical medicines like painkillers and the like, using for hours a day smart phones and internet, dating, war gaming, careless morality and sex, rapes, fornication and not to forget millions and millions cases of abortion, organ biz.
    Isn´t obvious, that we all, be it in America, Europe or elsewhere have to pay for this kind of unconcious, distracted, lost and empty life.

    What is left of our bygone, self damaged powers are only images, slogans. We are defenitely on a downhill trip, many of us are slowly dying, if not outwardly then inwardly, we are so to speak suiciding. And I am talking here common sense, I am not a politician, no clergyman, no scientist.
    Due to all mentioned and unmentioned actions (an unbelievably spreaded habit of lying nowadays, by the way) there is nothing that can or will stop our down hill trip. We need to lose a lot of mind garbage before we can start into a new time with fresh and open views on life. May be we even will need 20 years to get through this needed transformation period. A crazyness like ours calls for an extensive therapy. So, how about your non dying "hopes" now?
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    His self · 4 months ago
    Looks like the raid info was leaked to the media from the very top of DHS..........

    Sadly, the Trump administration is crumbling before our very eyes.
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    Sue Ellen Dickinson · 4 months ago
    … just as I was concluding my analysis and theory as to how much more lipstick they could successfully apply to a pig, I heard a strange, haunting sound in the distance coming closer and closer.....riding upon the ethers of time........when, suddenly I realized it was the tuning fork of history, echoing its' noise in living memory of the siren song played on Nero's Fiddle.

    God help us.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    HJ Richards · 4 months ago
    Trump is proving that he is listening to his daughter too much. The demorats hate his guts and will do everything in their power to undermine. He needs to stop his "god: complex" and do what needs to be done. These fuckers in congress will never agree to anything no matter whats at stake. I have lost hope in his ability to lead as he listens to both sides too much. Stand up be a man and stick to your decisions. The real American people are with you but if you keep selling us out you are toast and you and you alone will be cause of the bloody conflict that will come, no one else just you a chicken shit who cant make a decision except for the press
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TSlinger · 4 months ago
    You all seem to forget the OTM's who pose the greatest risk- most yet unrealized (sleepers). Trump has proven himself to be a typical, compromised, political p___y and no friedn to the gun owners of this nation to boot. This is what politics, political affiliation, and pinning your hopes and trust in men in this area gets you. I will never affiliate with a political party. But, this is what God gives us. HA ALONE sets up rulers. They carry out His ends. I can't believe how many people actually believe their vote carries a measure of influence or clout. Or that the voting system is even accurate. It's a game. Stop being played. Choose this day Whom you will serve.
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    TL Spurlen · 4 months ago
    Hal is correct after I put up with the hatred from that juarez mescan for two months I sent him a little text one night: (Juarez Mario the mescan from mexico will need to hire people a lot dumber than he is) he sent it straight to HR and I was going to be fired over it as they considered it a racist remark. The companies core values of, honesty, respect and integrity were thrown right out the door on my behalf.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TL Spurlen · 4 months ago
    Don't think they won't make a person lose a job, I went from a $90,000 a year job that I thought I was retiring with, to a $30,000 due to a 27 year old Juarez mescan (raised in juarez mexico his entire life) with 5 years of natural gas compressor experience. I had 36 years in that field and a manual machinist and designed and machined special tooling from scratch to make their jobs safer and more reliable. He was gold plated by managers out of the San Antonio office because I wasn't in a click, and out the door I went. So now we can't afford health insurance and getting close to 60 years of age. Starting over at my age is very hard to do.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Madeleine Mead · 4 months ago
    Well that’s disappointing! The illegals in California are planning for Calexit and throwing white people in the ocean. Is this make Mexico great again or what! It’s long past time for a revolt against this revolting government! What’s next a campaign slogan for 2020 Return Azlon to Mexico and make it great for the first time! Betrayal after betrayal.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Grim · 4 months ago
    Uh oh, big 'effing surprise.....Trump choked. He's saying he's cancelling the whole thing for two weeks at the request of the Democrats, so he can work out a compromise with those Satanic traitors. It's now incredibly apparent that this sh!t head is totally compromised and I have a feeling that despite what the MSM says, he's actually the preferred candidate for the deep state in 2020. It's not like a Democrat can get away with openly lying to entire stadiums full of people like Trump can, while they all worship him and clap like trained seals. "Build that wall, deport those illegals, arrest Hillary, drain the swamp, we're getting out of Syria, a chicken in every pot", etc., etc., etc..... Anyone else getting tired of the bold faced lies yet?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jilliam · 4 months ago
    I remember hearing an idea during the Obama years of a North American U nion similar to the European Union, That the socialists wanted introduced that bridged over our Constitution. No borders or an official language, one currency etc. Looks like Trump can't turn the ship around. Dems and Repubs have the throttle stuck full steam ahead.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Frank Anast · 4 months ago
    I hate these "spics". They are a filthy and stupid race. Everything of value in this modern technological society was invented by a white man. Fortunately, I live in an area where there are very few minorities, Northern Wisconsin. I'n VERY happy to be away from Chicago and the filthy minorities that live there.