ICE To Reinstate The D.D.O.R. On Sanctuary Cities And Their Border Jumping Criminal Antics

ICE To Reinstate The D.D.O.R. On Sanctuary Cities And Their Border Jumping Criminal Antics

Trump administration to reinstate weekly Declined Detainer Outcome Reports (DDOR) highlighting state and local governments that did not comply with ICE’s detainer program. 

The troublesome logs included details of illegal aliens who committed all sorts of atrocious crimes.

The reports will highlight cases where ICE issued a detainer, the detainer was declined, and the alien subsequently committed a crime after being released from state or local custody.

Report offers alarming details involving illegal immigrants who committed crimes after being released by various law enforcement agencies.

Some were arrested and released multiple times by the same local law enforcement agency after committing felonies. 

In all of the cases, ICE issued detainers but local police ignored the federal agency to protect the illegal alien from deportation, instead freeing the perpetrator back into the community. 

Offenders include Mexican, Honduran and Salvadoran nationals charged with murder, rape, assault with a deadly weapon, spousal abuse, driving under the influence of alcohol, possession of illegal drugs and other serious crimes. 

One 23-year-old Honduran man was booked and released in San Francisco ten times in less than a year.

The reports ignited outrage among "open borders groups" and their mainstream media allies, who complained that the information was controversial and discriminatory.

One mainstream media outlet actually reported that “immigration advocates criticized the list for singling out the criminals among "undocumented immigrants" without acknowledging the contributions of the broader population to their communities.”



I would respond to that remark with, "ICE is a Law Enforcement Agency, Not a Cheer-leading Section for Border Jumping Criminals."


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    BriteRED · 3 months ago
    NOW it comes to the point that when REAL citizens are violated, that our Legal Constitutional Citizens are put upon by these criminals , those criminals SHALL BE SHOT AND LEFT TO LAY, left to rot where they fall. Since law is no longer law that leaves us to we assume that is where we are ????
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Copperhead · 3 months ago
    They can report 'til the cows come home, but until the borders are secured (really secured) and all illegals, including DACA 'kids' are removed from the country, nothing will change. Sadly, there is zero intent to make any positive changes at any level of government.