Funding NOT Achieved.

Funding NOT Achieved.

Despite efforts to raise funding to pay the bills for this web site and radio so as to continue operations through December, sufficient donations did NOT come in.  As of December 1, donations totaling $3,134. came in, leaving a shortfall of $1,066.

When Amazon Web Services attempts to Debit my checking account Monday or Tuesday, their charge will be DECLINED by my bank.   At that point, Amazon will start a clock ticking, to the 28th of December.  If I pay before that date, the site remains on.  If I do not pay before that date, Amazon Web Services shuts to the site off.   It's not ME doing this, it would be them.

The trouble with that is new charges will be accruing during those 28 days.  Well, if I can't raise enough for November, then how can I expect to raise enough to pay those new charges for December?   

In order to minimize that exposure I have to lock down the news articles on this site to the few Subscribers I have, which means the general public gets no access unless they subscribe.

I also have to curtail the streaming audio feeds during the show to Subscribers only for the same reason.   When the servers stream audio to listeners, I PAY FOR THAT via "bandwidth" (data transfer) charges from Amazon Web Services.  Limiting the audio feed to paying Subscribers will dramatically reduce the Internet listening audience, but I have no choice.

Unlike the Washington Post, who has billionaire Jeff Bezos as their "Sugar Daddy" to pay their net-loss bills, I do not have that luxury.  

I earnestly hope additional donations will come in, but until they do, the LISTEN ONLINE buttons in the menus above will now only show-up once a subscriber has logged-in.   Similarly, the news articles on this site offer a free paragraph or two, but the links go to the SUBSCRIBE page.   Readers will have to login to read the news.

This is real life.  Nothing in life is free; someone ALWAYS has to bear the cost.  I cannot do that for the tens-of-thousands who come here regularly to view news.   I NEED help and the help has not come.  

If funding arrives, I will re-open the site and audio feeds to the public.  Donations can be made using the yellow DONATE button below.

Those of you who cannot or will not use ONLINE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS can mail cash, check or money order to:

Harold Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ   07047

Thank you for your help.

 UPDATE 10:20 AM EST --

As a result of this article, two additional donations have come in so far today:  Michelle S. $10,  Robert E. $100.  So the shortfall is down to $956.

C'mon folks, we can do this . . . . we can get this done TODAY if you guys would just step up and help a little.  Look at the HIT COUNTER for this article.  over 724 people have read this, but only TWO donated.  We can get this achieved if everyone just kicks in a little!!!   Please do it now by clicking the yellow DONATE button below and donating a few bucks.



Frederick R. $50, Hart Family $30, Jim D. $25

Shortfall down to  $851

Please donate via the yellow DONATE button below!



Another Donation: Jared P. $25

Shortfall down to $826



Postal Mail Contributions Came in!

Sandra T. $15, Blade Craftsman $100, Patrick R. $100, Bob & Maggie $25

Shortfall Down to $585



Received a donation from Paul in Germany $85

Shortfall now only $500.   

Please donate now so we can turn all the site back on and do a great show tonight at 9:00 PM EST.



Donation from Norm G. $25

Shortfall now only $475.



Donations from Paul A. $25 and Jolynn T. $25 have come in this evening.

Shortfall now down to $425 . . . .