Eight-Times Deported Illegal Alien Caught With $850,000 of Meth and Cocaine in His Car

Eight-Times Deported Illegal Alien Caught With $850,000 of Meth and Cocaine in His Car

Utah County police arrested 44-year-old Jose Olegario Lopez over the weekend and found 19 pounds of illegal drugs in his car.

Police officers tried to pull over Lopez on January 12th over a traffic violation but when Lopez refused to pull over, a team of officers pursued him and eventually stopped him.

Officers and a K9 searched Lopez’s car and discovered bags of cocaine and meth, valued at approximately $856,000.

According to police, Jose Olegario Lopez is from Sinaloa, Mexico, and has been deported from the United States eight different times.

Lopez also has ties to large drug trafficking operations outside of Utah, reported KUTV.

Drug trafficking is one of the many reasons President Trump is working to secure the southern border.

For the first time ever opioids killed more than car crashes in the United States last year and the Democrats still don’t support border security.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Daniel Meede · 7 months ago
    Eight times seriously! Put a bow on him and throw him over Pelosi’s wall into her yard in San Francisco.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dave · 7 months ago
    Everyone who dies from drugs / crime crossing the border has fedgov to thank. Washington is a city of traitors! And that isn’t hyperbole. They truly are traitors.

    One of the few responsibilities the constitution enumerates for fedgov is protection of our borders. Article 4, Section 4.

    While they (demon-rats and repukelicans) concentrate on unconstitutional laws and policies, they ignore what they are actually supposed to be doing. And we fund it all!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Corporal of USMC · 7 months ago
    lemme take a wild guess? 8 different names, ages, addresses, towns, vehicles, running routes, safe houses, bank accounts, credit cards, alberstons prefered customer cards, shippers, receivers, cover stories, and cia/fbi/shin bet/mossad/bdn/gru handlers and the grateful help of "johnny wet start" and "Harry Houdini Reed" and the "La Kosher Nastra" in SIn City, jewsa. He will be back on the street in 15 days flat.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Alan · 7 months ago
    As if this isn't enough, we have Chinese disguised as Mexicans caught crossing. Russians. Pakistanis. Ranchers finding prayer rugs in the South Texas desert, etc. You name it. I would love to hear the accent play on this one with Chinese accented English, "Owww. We Mexican. Love Taco Bell. Owww,,,Flyed beans!" The Mexican people are getting sick of it too (99% Christian, 90% Catholic Christian), but they have even less say about their government's policies and practices than we do.

    A few years ago, in my employment, I needed to bring some Mexican Engineers over for training on a product that we moved to Monterrey. They were degreed Engineering graduates of Technilogico Monterrery (Monterrey Tech., if you will), Mexico's premier engineering university. It took month's to get visa's for them to come for 3 weeks. Finally, we joked that they should do as their poorer, less educated countrymen, and simply walk across and save us all a lot of BS. That's what our immigration and visa policies are: BS. You see, they were country neighbors, church going devout Christians, educated, hard working, intelligent men, raising their families, growing their local economy so that their country and countrymen could have a future. We respected each other. If they were Middle Eastern, no education Muslims, they would have immediately not only been granted visas, but residency and welfare. Sadly for us, they were educated Christians, so it took months to get them here for 3 weeks legally. This is a real story.

    Educated Mexicans, who are not in government, agree with border security for both of our sakes to keep the scum in jail. They want respect and friendship, and will work for it.

    It's to the point of ludicrous, except that our families are at stake. Time to hunker down. I hope my friends in Monterrey are doing the same. Mexicans are tough people, who have survived a lot of stuff over the centuries, and have an innate instinct to identify BS.

    Just saying...