Disrespect from Gitgo: Where was "It is my high honor, and distinct privilege to introduce the President of the United States"

Disrespect from Gitgo: Where was "It is my high honor, and distinct privilege to introduce the President of the United States"

President Trump delivered the State of the Union (SOTU) speech this week to a joint session of Congress.   From the very moment he entered the chamber, he was intentionally and publicly disrespected by the Speaker of the House.  

I am 56 years old.  I will be 57 on March 15.

In all my years on this earth, I recall the following:

Prior to a President entering the House of Representatives to give a SOTU speech, the Sergeant at arms of the House loudly announces "Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States."

Cheering erupts and the President makes his way to the podium.

As expected, that happened.

The applause continues until the President arrives at the Podium at which time the Speaker of the House bangs the gavel and says "The House will be in Order."

When the applause quiets, it is customary for the Speaker to say "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to present, the President of the United States" at which time the applause erupts again. 


This year, President Trump merely began his speech once the applause quieted.   It was an interesting moment.  No acknowledgement from the Speaker of the House.

That was disrespectful.   I think it was intentionally disrespectful.

If nothing else, Speaker Nancy Pelosi showed she has no class.

As the speech was delivered, her Party, the Democrats, also showed they have no class.  They failed to applaud the lowest unemployment rates for Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans, in all of recorded history.  They failed to applaud the arrest of literally thousands of Human Traffickers and Drug Dealers at our southern border.  They failed to applaud - pretty much anything good the President talked about.

They are self-absorbed, self-important, grossly immature, whining, cry-babies.   

They should be treated exactly as such.


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    Matthew Worner · 1 years ago
    Nancy the Nazi Nutjob is as classless a bitch as ever slithered over the landscape. She needs to be one of the first strung up when the revolution ensues. Next to Chuck the Schmuck and Adam the Schiffhead. They can warm up the gibbet(s) for Chandler, Blumenthal, and Harris. Round three to Cummings, the melon-headed, mush-mouthed porch monkey, Jackson-Lee the mental midget, and Feinswine. (By then the rope probably would be worn out. Bring back the Guillotine? )
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    Michele Schauer · 1 years ago
    Nancy takes orders from the voice inside her head that may not be her own voice, but the infiltrators of the mind-controlling elite. They have the capacity to input voice into the brain in the form of your own voice. If you have ever wondered why some of these politicians act like they are demon-possessed....it is because they are. Mind Control. Check out Fritz Springmeir's work on you tube.
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    · 1 years ago
    Just some observations:

    Nancy is a living advertisement for botox. Leonardo's Mona Lisa doesn't hold a candle to her.

    Pence had a glass of water on his desk. Nancy had a silver tray with a pitcher and 4 or 5 glasses, who was she expecting, or does botox make you that thirsty?

    Nancy had some important papers to sign........I imagine......., because she kept shuffling through them. Maybe she needs a distraction from the truth. Maybe they were botox prescriptions. Maybe they were support letters form the grateful employees at her husband's tuna canning plant? Who knows???????

    Nancy was a little slow to applaud some of the patriotic messages of unity that the fellow (her words, maybe I missed them, not mine) giving the speech mentioned. Doesn't he realize she is more important than the President of The United States of America...........If that is who he was. He should have been applauding her intense and concerned paper shuffling.

    Nancy was a little slow to stand up when one of that guy's comments struck a significant chord with the audience, and they (most) all stood in awe............clapping enthusiastically.

    Actually the mob leadership demonstrated by the ocasio-calculator was the star of the show with her high fives......, did I mention her high fives? Boy are we lucky to have all of those persons in white blazers being led by a cisgendered mob leader. Did I mention the mob? Using mob like "genderless" traits???? Well maybe not.

    Sarcasm, maybe not my best, but it will have to do for now.

    Who was that guy giving the talk, anyway?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jill Hart · 1 years ago
    Not too mention the ruffling through papers behind him and not sitting down on time. Everything about her was gross. I suspect Nancy Pelosi truly believes she is going to be the next president. I think there is an active campaign to do in both Trump n pence.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Paul Lambert · 1 years ago
    The Left have been garbage-wrapped-in-human-skin forever. The only difference these days is that it is out in the open.