The following information was derived from my former contact in the Intelligence Community during my 15 years with FBI.  It is gravely serious and NOT for public dissemination or else panic may ensue.  Subscribers only--

According to information from inside the United States Geological Survey WHICH IS NOT FOR PUBLIC DISSEMINATION - California's Garlock Fault is active, and in horrific danger of a massive strike-slip event which could have unimaginable effects on Los Angeles.   Think along the lines of some of the Special Effects in the Movie 2012.  THAT kind of effect.

According to my source, the USGS has revealed this information to the Tulare County (California) Fire Department, urging them to prepare for catastrophe on a scale they never imagined.

The Garlock Fault is a left-lateral strike-slip fault running northeast-southwest along the north margins of the Mojave Desert of Southern California, for much of its length along the southern base of the Tehachapi Mountains.

Perspective view of the Garlock Fault:

The Garlock Fault marks the northern boundary of the area known as the Mojave Block, as well as the southern ends of the Sierra Nevada and the valleys of the westernmost Basin and Range province. Stretching for 250 kilometers (160 mi), it is the second-longest fault in California and one of the most prominent geological features in the southern part of the state.  Here is a scalable Google Map.  The red pin on the map is tipped in the fault itself, which you can see as a pale mound of dirt running mostly east-west:

The Garlock Fault runs from a junction with the San Andreas Fault in the Antelope Valley, eastward to a junction with the Death Valley Fault Zone in the eastern Mojave Desert. It is named after the historic mining town of Garlock, founded in 1894 by Eugene Garlock and now a ghost town.

The Garlock Fault is believed to have developed to accommodate the strain between the extensional tectonics of the Great Basin crust and the right lateral strike-slip faulting of the Mojave Desert crust.

Unlike most of the other faults in California, slip on the Garlock Fault is left-lateral; that is, the land on the other side of the fault moves to the left from the perspective of someone facing the fault. Thus, the terrain north of the fault is moving westward and that on the south is moving eastward.

The Garlock Fault moves at a rate of between 2 and 11 mm a year, with an average slip of around 7 millimeters. While most of the fault is locked, certain segments have been shown to move by aseismic creep, which is motion without resulting earthquakes.

The Garlock is not considered to be a particularly active fault, seldom producing any shaking detectable by humans, although it has been known to generate sympathetic seismic events when triggered by other earthquakes and in one instance by the removal of ground water. These events, as well as continuing microearthquake activity and the state of the scarps from previous ruptures, do indicate that the Garlock will produce another major quake at some point in the future.

The most recent notable event was a magnitude 5.7 near the town of Mojave on July 11, 1992. It is thought to have been triggered by the Landers earthquake, just two weeks earlier.

The last significant ruptures on the Garlock were thought to be in the years 1050 AD and 1500 AD. Research has pinned the interval between significant ruptures on the Garlock as being anywhere between 200 and 3,000 years, depending on the segment of the fault.

USGS is not releasing this publicly because they fear (rightly) that folks in southern California would panic and try to flee all at once.  Moreover, the is also the very real possibility the USGS data is being interpreted INCORRECTLY, and what they FEAR . . .  might not happen!

Apparently, USGS is between a rock and a hard place.  If they tell the public the Garlock Fault is going to rupture and erase Los Angeles from existence, and they're right . . .  people panic, flee in droves, man-made catastrophe.  If they're wrong, all that panic might happen anyway, AND no one will ever believe them again.  That's a hell of a predicament to be in.

The time frame for this potential Strike-Slip of the Garlock Fault is within SEVEN DAYS from now.  The potential Magnitude of such an event is "higher than magnitude 8."   Below is a small segment of a USGS analysis model which show they they FEAR could happen with the Garlock fault.   If you watch the segment for all 12 seconds, you will notice at the very final seconds that what WAS Los Angeles, becomes water . . .

I don't know how to handle this information.  If I tell the public, and they flee in panic, and some get hurt or killed, I get sued.  I don't want that.  If I don't tell the public and this strike-slip takes place, God only knows how many people might die from it.   If I tell the public, and they flee, but the event DOES NOT happen, I'm ruined; no one will ever believe anything I write again.

So I've decided on a compromise: Covert Intel for Subscribers Only.   That gets info out in a severely limited way and cannot cause a public panic.  I hope I've made the right choice.