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COVERT INTEL - BREAKING NEWS - Foreign Leader ORDERS Attack on US Electric Grid


The following is BREAKING NEWS as of 8:45 PM EST on Saturday, March 9, 2019.  For Subscribers Only --

Intel Circuits are confirming that Nicolas Maduro has tasked those in the Venezuela government who are still loyal to him, to manually restore electricity as fast as possible, and has tasked his Intelligence agencies with PERPETRATING AN ATTACK UPON THE ELECTRIC GRID OF THE UNITED STATES.


Maduro's Intel agencies have already contacted China and Russia in an effort to get technical assistance in mounting this desired Attack.

Maduro stated publicly today that he blames the United States for the electric power grid failure in Venezuela.  He said the US used "high technology that only the USA has" and repeatedly stated the US "launched an electromagnetic pulse attack" and "launched a cyber attack" which caused Venezuela to suffer nationwide blackouts for the past 50+ hours.

He offered ZERO evidence and ZERO proof.

It is already known that Russian malware was found sitting IDLE throughout the US power grid several years ago, and vast efforts were made to remove it.  Additional vast efforts were made to seek out and neutralize any other malware in the US electric grid.

Incredible efforts were then put into the US electric grid to protect it from such malware, but it is not known (to me) how successful those efforts have been.

IF . . . . and this is a very big IF . . . . a Sovereign entity was to launch a deliberate cyber-attack upon the US electric grid, it IS POSSIBLE that such an attack could bring down parts of the grid.  Whether the entire grid could be collapsed is not know to me.

What I was told, just moments ago, by former colleagues in the Intel Community is: "While they may not be able to cripple our entire power grid, they may be able to do enough localized damage which could trigger a "cascade failure" of the rest of the grid."

Thus, it is now a known fact that a sovereign entity, the government of Venezuela, is pursuing a direct cyber-attack upon the US Electric Grid and at least theoretically, could do enough damage to cause a Cascade failure.

You should also be aware that if such an attack takes place - even with limited effects - a cyber-attack upon US infrastructure on the orders of a foreign government, would be a Casus Belli.

Worse, as rational readers, you already know there are elements within the U.S. Government who may ALLOW something like that to happen, so they can justify launching another war.

Given this reality I thought you should know -- in case you need to get any emergency generator gear or fuel for one you may already have.

A list of suggested "Preps" is available HERE



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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Robert A · 13 days ago
    If Maduro receives assistance from China or Russia those 2 countries have to realize and weigh the possibility this assistance will be traced back to the source which could obviously ignite a larger world war. To which Putin has been masterfully trying to avoid being dragged Into for years. That being said this Venezuela power outage has shown 1 thing. Clearly you don't need to hit the high security power plants, hydro dams etc. The powers to be hit critical substations that knocked out the grid. The substations across North America unlike hydro electric dams, nuke plants coal fire plants have far less security. In many cases its simply a fence and a few security cams. Hopefully doesn't happen but reality is if they get technical assistance from China and or Russia on what substations to knock out and how many the cascading effect could wipe the grid for days or even weeks. In North America with combined population of approx 400 million it would only take 5-7 days of a total power failure to have a societal break down. The knick of time business model that Walmart Target Costco and all grocery stores subscribe too means the stores run out of goods in 1-3 days in NORMAL TIME. In a crisis they would be picked clean in hours with NO re stock. So imagine that literally no food no way to even purchase food as no banks no fuel no water no normal way to store perishable food no water from the taps no flush toilets no drug stores. In addition very few people now have landline phones. Cell companies would be overloaded and their svcs would be spotty followed on by nil service days later when their generators run out. That same can be said for Emergency services and hospitals they all have generators and have enough fuel to run for several days. But anything beyond that will require a resupply which if trucks aren't running or are overwhelmed in supply and demand its very safe to assume much critical services will shut down.

    As Hal alluded too the powers to be might let it happen as it opens the door for so much of their dirty work. Even more vile they might just set it up to do it right and do it themselves and blame Maduro as he has already given the order to carry it out. The lines of WHO ACTUALLY CARRIED IT OUT becomes very grey at that point.
    The world has been waiting for the other shoe to fall in some grand way the reality is it could happen in a very simplistic but effective way average citizens didn't see coming.
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      Carl Goldsworthy · 13 days ago
      Russia, China have every right to help Venezuela - if asked.
      The USA has no right whatsoever to attack Venezuela.
      The legitimate, democratically elected Syrian government invited Russia to aid them.
      The uninvited USA has occupied 1/3rd of the country, utterly illegally.
      Just last week stealing 50 tons of gold.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Robert A · 12 days ago
        If you are referring to humanitarian aid food water medicine etc etc of course they do and I hope they do. If you are referring to Russian and Chinese govts directly helping operatives from Venezuela attack the US even involve themselves get real.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Carl Goldsworthy · 12 days ago
          The humanitarian aid is a couple of millions. The amount stolen/frozen is many BILLIONS. Farcical theatre.
          If you want to help the Venezuela people - just stop attacking them. They do not want USA occupation.
          And Syrians want you OUT.
          And Nigerians want you OUT.
          And Iraquis want you OUT.
          And Pakistanis want you OUT.
          And Afghans want you OUT.
          And Libyans want you OUT.
          And Somalians want you OUT.
          And Yemenis want you OUT.
          Recently japanese Okinawans voted against USA military bases on their island. But the USA does not believe in democracy.
          If countries want weapons to defend themselves against the country that is running 8 consecutive wars - they should get all the nukes they can.
          • This commment is unpublished.
            Robert A · 12 days ago
            My mistake I should have realized despite the fact the story is about Venezuela. Your commenting is really a diatribe about the US. This conversation is done.


            • This commment is unpublished.
              Carl Goldsworthy · 12 days ago
              Venezuela is threatened with regime change - like Libya. Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria.
              Except when the regime (in fact the whole country) is destroyed the USA never leaves. It stays to extract the wealth of the countries.
              Regardless of being told they are not wanted.
              Now the conversation is done.
              • This commment is unpublished.
                Robert A · 12 days ago
                You feel better like a relieved child you got the last word... (clap)..Laughable...oh wait wait wait this is better..
                Blah Blah Blah Blah......
                • This commment is unpublished.
                  laurie spencer · 12 days ago
                  Robert A "....Carl is way ahead of you. Learn something. He is 100%correct.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Jill Hart · 13 days ago
      I am thinking the same thing. Apparently Venezuela got power back up for 70% of their people n then it was knocked back out. More than anything else this looks like a psyop against the american people. We are being led to believe things about Venezuela that may or may not actually be true. For instance the grocery stores might not actually be empty. Inflation is a problem for sure. But inflation is a huge problem here too. Americans are way less free than they think they are.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Robert A · 12 days ago
        Perhaps you need to go to Twitter feed and simply look at the raw videos. The endless lines are there not just for food but for water and fuel. The videos clearly speak for themselves It also clearly shows Chavistas or collectivos fanning out in the country to quell protesters against conditions by actually shooting them.
        What some fail to realize is this all is NOT new in the last months because media has made it so. Venezuelans have been dealing with this Pig Maduro shit for literally years.
        I am not disputing certain circles in the US Govt are trying to pick a fight. But sweet Jesus don't deny the extreme misery that is taking place on the ground day after day.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Carl Goldsworthy · 13 days ago
        Logically - the only way the country with the greatest reserves of oil, gold etc can be starving is if a superior force is stopping them selling the stuff.
        That is USA sanctions and threats of war against any country that dares to trade with Venezuela.
        Achieved using the SWIFT bank network illegally as a weapon.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          richard pryor · 12 days ago
          Mr. Communist, are you done lecturing us?
          • This commment is unpublished.
            Carl Goldsworthy · 12 days ago
            Nope, not a communist.
            Nor a raving mad necon that thinks 8 concurrent wars and 8 bombs every hour is ok.
            A child is a communist - he cannot survive alone.
            A young person is a capitalist - he wants to keep all his wages.
            An old person is a communist - he cannot survive alone.
            • This commment is unpublished.
              Horace Darnell · 11 days ago
              I got news for you Carl. Do you know who owns the U.S. Corp? Brittish Crown. This USA shit is English bankers (IMF). It is not only in chapter 13, but insolvent. We have been swindled, ripped off and lied to. We dont run shit, its not our constitutional government. Chew on that for awhile...
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    Really · 13 days ago
    It's plausible, but not likely. The USA has three grids. East, West, and Texas. They don't connect. Power plants have dedicated operating systems. Stuxnet worked by a spy inserting an infected thumb drive. Security is VERY tight at US power plants. Any visitor is escorted constantly with little access to control rooms. A physical attack would have a limited, but not minor, cascading effect.
    A full blown EMP attack would be bad news. But, as stated in the article, would be cause for war.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Carl Goldsworthy · 13 days ago
    A clear and obvious set up for a false flag attack.
    CIA script -
    1. Pay your allies in a target country to start civil war.
    Venezuela - USA educated paid actor Guido, given billions of taxpayers money.
    2. Warn of a non existent threat from your target country.
    Venezuela - check, CIA stoires of attack on USA electricity grid.
    3. Pay your "allies" to make a token attack.
    Venezuela - I am sure an outage will shortly be staged - same software.
    Different attack vector.
    4. Declare war on the target country.
    So repetetive.
    Here we go again, another million must die to prolong for the dying USA empire.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Feral · 13 days ago
    The creators of the Stuxnet virus think they were clever but more Fukushima type events like this could be the end of all life on Earth. Good thing no nuclear power plants in Venezuela or they would be melting down right now, just like that aluminum plant got destroyed.

    Who created Stuxnet? The Jews, yea that's it, the Jews created it and sent out their demonic angel to the four corners of the world.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Grim · 13 days ago
    When Hal said certain people here in the US might allow or even want this attack to take place, an image of John Bolton and his cheesy mustache immediately appeared in my mind.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    James Mathews · 13 days ago
    If they do attack the US grid it will be WW3
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dave Bero · 13 days ago
    Thanks for all your hard work, and real news Hal! Sheesh, what a crazy world we are living in! My wife is gonna be "like, what's with the generator?"
  • This commment is unpublished.
    His self · 13 days ago
    A response of this type against the US, considering what the US has been doing to Venezuela for decades, is reasonable if not ideal.

    It is clear now that President Trump is deeply in bed with the deep state.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    laurie spencer · 13 days ago
    it's only fair. so tired of usa's bullying. this country is so corrupt in every way. I am ready for the brimstone.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      richard pryor · 12 days ago
      You Chinese communist are busy posting today. Did you get your 50 rmb?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      justaminute · 13 days ago
      I hear you! This country just stole 40 tons of gold from Syria
      • This commment is unpublished.
        richard pryor · 12 days ago
        Too bad, F em. You communist got beat, we were there first. haaaha
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Charles g Hawley · 13 days ago
      I love my. Country,but this government is out of control. Only a good butt kicking will straighten it out, the sad thing is we will suffer the consequences as well.