COVERT INTEL: 90 days from January 30 . . . War begins

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As you know, for years I worked with the FBI, and my final five years, from 2003-2008, with the Joint Terrorism Task Force wherein I handled National Security, Terrorism and Foreign Counter Intelligence.   I was granted "fully operational authority" on an "extra-territorial" basis, for work outside the US.

In that capacity, I developed relationships with people in the Intelligence Community from several foreign countries, in their civilian law enforcement and military/intelligence fields.  I maintain many of these relationships to this day.

From those former Intelligence Community colleagues, I have been directly told the following:

The date for military strikes to begin against Venezuela has been set: Ninety days from January 30, 2019.

Venezuela has 90 days.

An order was issued for preparation of air strikes on major military and political centers of the country, air defense bases and naval forces.

Parallel to these air strike plans will be the deployment of ground troops in Colombia.

If Maduro does not leave via dialogue, then May will be unusually hot.