"Baby" Earthquake, Clifton, New Jersey

"Baby" Earthquake, Clifton, New Jersey

A very minor earthquake has struck Clifton, New Jersey.  The small magnitude 1.83 quake took place at a very shallow depth of only 5.16km but was not widely felt.  No known damage or injuries.  Earthquakes in this area are extremely rare.

According to the LAMONT-DOHERTY COOPERATIVE SEISMOGRAPHIC NETWORK (LCSN), the data about the quake is as follows:

The area in which this quake struck is a densely populated sub-urban area, just 15 miles or so from Midtown New York City.  The map below puts the area in perspective:

Earthquakes are EXTREMELY RARE in this area.  I know.  I live here.   The quake took place about 11 miles from my home and I did not feel it.


Here's what the seismographs had to say about it: