133 Degrees In Los Angeles County . . . In 1859

California Governor Gavin Newsom told citizens in his state that the "wildfires" and a recent temperature in Los Angeles of 122 degrees are proof that Climate Change is real and the discussion is over.  The Governor fails history!  

Here's the governor lying through his teeth:


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles hit a temperature of 133 degrees in the summer of 1859.   Here's a scanned image from their archive:

Here's a link to the archive: CLICK HERE


ANOTHER newspaper in California also reported it.  "The Democrat" newspaper reported it on August 12, 1859.  Here's a scanned image from their story:

Here's a link to its archive: CLICK HERE

You see, the climate on this planet . . .  ALWAYS changes!   It has forever.

Take the North Pole for example.  There's ice up there, right?   In order for their to be ice, there had to be water once, Right.  So what caused it to freeze?  The climate changed!

The reason the government and those who get government grants are so obsessed with "Climate Change" is they want YOU to be afraid of it.  They want YOU to wonder for the safety and future of your family.  Because when you're afraid, and seeking safety, you'll turn to THEM.

That's what government types "get-off" on; they like control.  When they make people afraid, people turn to THEM.

Don't believe their nonsense.  

Keep your freedom.  

Ignore these government climate maniacs and their lackey "scientists" all of whom get multi-million dollar grants for research.  Those scientists would be STARVING if not for government money.  That's their inducement to keep the lie going.

Wise-up America.  Climate changes all the time.  It's natural.  



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