February Fund Raising -- $2800 Has Come in; Short ~$1400

Today is Monday, January 27 and that means I have FOUR days to raise the $4200+ needed to fund this web site and radio show for the month of February.  As of this morning, a total of $2800 in Donations has come in, leaving us about $1400 short.  PLEASE HELP!

The radio show has NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISERS by design.  Advertisers don't like controversy and when a show like mine airs blunt truth or politically-incorrect views, radical lefties start advertiser boycotts.   If the show depends on that revenue, the advertisers get to have Editorial control.  They are able to say "Shut up or shut down."

Here, we celebrate free speech, no matter who doesn't like it.  In order to do that, there has to be a way to fund the endeavor which does NOT rely on ads.  That's YOU!

It takes a LOT of money to run this cloud-based web site; I get charged "Bandwidth/Data Transfer" for each site visitor, for the transmission of content to them.  This charge also applies to the Internet audio feeds during the live shows.
Put simply, YOU read or listen, I GET BILLED!

Moreover, there are other significant costs:
The radio stations (WBCQ, WRMI and KYAH), the listener call-in phone lines, Music licensing fees to use bumper music, Fiber optic lines to carry the show to the net and to the radio stations, studio costs, equipment maintenance and replacement and so on.

All totalled, it takes about $4200 a month to keep this endeavor alive.

For that, YOU get the latest breaking news that matters.  You get free speech radio 5 nights a week, with solid information the mass-media simply doesn't cover, or fails to cover thoroughly.

I NEED YOUR HELP to keep this going for February.

Please click the yellow DONATE button below to make a contribution of $10, $20, $35, $50 or more.  Every little bit helps.

Please don't think "someone else will do it" because they don't.  YOU are the "someone else."  

The clock is ticking and the calendar is set.  I have until Feb 1.  Please donate now!

If you cannot or will not use online financial transactions, please mail cash, check or money order Payable to:

1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ   07047-1902

Those in foreign countries can mail cash from their country and I will have it converted to US Dollars once it arrives.



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