South Africa’s parliament voted Tuesday to move forward with an amendment to the country’s constitution that would allow the government to seize and redistribute white-owned land without compensation.

Cable news viewers are abandoning CNN in droves. Their 24/7 anti-Trump programming policy isn’t working out so well, it seems. Even the Hallmark Channel is beating them in some areas. How embarrassing for them.

I have received a number of tips from my readers revealing additional so-called "Mass Casualty Events" are now also planned for the cities of Dallas, Houston and Anchorage, Louisville and elsewhere.  Ads for "Crisis Actors" are appearing online at places like Craigslist" offering to pay such actors $1,000 for their participation in the upcoming "Drills" and the one for Louisville insists potential selectee "must be discreet." 

More "mass shootings" may be planned for Houston on March 2Dallas on March 18, and in Louisville, KY (Date not yet disclosed).

While Americans watched the 2018 Olympics and mainstream media put on scripted town hall meetings to demonize law-abiding citizens who own guns, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia handed down a blow to the Second Amendment.

In a 10-4 ruling, the federal court ruled that the state of Maryland’s ban on 45 different “assault” weapons and its 10-round limit for magazines was not a violation of the citizens’ constitutional rights. The ruling was not without harsh dissent, however.

In a move portrayed as "championing transgender rights" the New Jersey state Senate voted Monday to allow people in New Jersey to change their birth certificates to reflect how they identify themselves. The Senate also approved a bill that would require death certificates to reflect a person's gender identity.  In other words, New Jersey is codifying into law, a severe mental illness that denies reality and nature itself.

This is what happens when the public elects "Tares among the Wheat" as we were warned about in the Bible; Matthew 13:24-30

Ads are appearing on CraigsList for Crisis Actors in Slidell (New Orleans) Louisiana, and some people are wondering if this part of the country will be the next FALSE FLAG / PHONY MASS SHOOTING on Wednesday, February 28?

The Mayor of Oakland, California issued a written public statement warning residents of that city of pending Immigration Raids, and in so doing, she now faces possible ARREST for "Obstruction of Justice."

The President of Turkey, Recypt Erdogan - a fanatical Muslim - announced the full mobilization of Turkish Armed Forces Reserves today and told an assembled crowd in Maras Province to check on Call-up orders for duty because, he said, "We are on the eve of a Resurrection" (of the Ottoman Empire) and that he's ready to march with his people when the time comes. (To conquer much of Europe).

A very strong magnitude 7.5 earthquake has struck the small island of Papua New Guinea.  The quake occurred at 1:04 PM eastern US time at a depth of only 35km.

The quake caused Tsunami Warning Buoys in the region to go into "Event" Mode, but the Pacific Tsunami Warning center says there is NO DANGER and NO TSUNAMI.

Damage is expected to be serious.  Injuries and deaths are possible.  Right now, communication with that entire island is shut down, so information is very difficult to get;  we're relying on HAM Radio operators to try to reach others on that island.

I have begun planning for this web site to continue publishing in the event that I am killed, injured, or otherwise unable to publish in the event war breaks out with North Korea and the United States mainland is attacked. I now see the outbreak of hostilities as "likely" to take place.

I am reaching out to trusted individuals overseas with the hope they will pick-up the publishing of news / content on this site if I cannot.

North Korea has accused the US and Japan of bringing "the raging wind of war" to the peninsula, while warning the Trump administration over any maritime blockade of the country.

State media also said Pyongyang would regard any maritime blockade by the United States as an act of war.

The Russian government has downplayed recent strikes by the United States on Russian mercenaries in Syria, however, recordings from fighters on the ground reveal just how hard U.S. forces hit them.

“One squadron fucking lost 200 people … right away, another one lost 10 people … and I don’t know about the third squadron but it got torn up pretty badly, too … So three squadrons took a beating,” a man believed to be a Russian contract soldier said in the first of three audio recordings obtained from a source close to the Kremlin by, a fact-checking website affiliated with Voice of America.

“They beat our asses like we were little pieces of shit,” the man said.

First National Bank of Omaha said Thursday it won’t renew a contract with the National Rifle Association to offer an NRA-branded Visa credit card after receiving complaints from customers amid an intensifying national debate on gun control.

On Friday, the day after its announcement, money started flowing OUT of the bank in numbers that have allegedly caught the attention of management, according to an Executive source inside bank. 

Is a "Bank Run" taking place against First National Bank of Omaha? 

According to an article from the February 23 London Express Newspaper (Here), The United States is likely to ATTACK North Korea before the end of March.  This fits with my previous reports to you, wherein I stated on this web site and on my talk-radio shows saying I expect it to begin "Before March 20."  

If the London Express and I are correct -- and I earnestly hope we are wrong -- that leaves YOU less then 30 days to even HOPE to prepare in case your area is attacked in retaliation by North Korean missiles or SLEEPER CELLS they already have here.

This story (much of it previously published here) explains exactly what North Korea's capabilities are in terms of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons, and which of their weapons systems can actually deliver such destruction to the ENTIRE United States.  It also explains exactly what YOU can do -- right now -- to begin preparing to survive such attacks and protect yourself and your family from the hideous reality that may be less than one month away.

Those who plan . . . may survive.  Those who shrug this off . . . likely will NOT survive.  The choice is yours as to whether you plan or not, but don't think for even one second that those who DID plan will help those who didn't.   This may be a choice of SURVIVAL and those who don't plan  deserve what they get.

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Approximately one hour ago, at about 11:45 AM eastern US time, Israel fired five missiles at Syria, targeting the Dumayr Air Base northwest of East Ghouta.  Stunningly, ALL FIVE MISSILES wer shot down by the Syrian Air Force. NOT ONE Israeli missile got through.

With emotional retards screeching for more "gun control" here in the United States after the horrific mass-killing in Parkland, Florida, I think it might be helpful to demonstrate with actual security video, exactly WHY Americans need guns.  We have sub-human savages among us who rape, rob, pillage burn and kill.  Here's one of them in action:

Hi folks!

It's that time again when I need to ask for your financial help to keep this web site and the radio show alive and kicking.  Just this week, readers of this site found out 14 hours ahead of everyone else, that Russia had deployed its most advanced multi-role jet to Syria . . . and today found out early that Russia  began using it to bomb Ghouta, Syria.

Readers to this site also found out earlier this week that certain troops are being deployed in very large numbers to a certain place . . . . and no other news outlet has reported the story!

This web site reported the Earthquake swarm at Yellowstone, a full day before ANY other major media outlet covered it.  

Getting real news about issues that matter is why many folks come here.  But it takes a tremendous amount of time 80+ hours a week, to get this job done . . . and then do the radio show on top of it all.  

I'm willing to do this work, to keep you informed and up to date.  In order to do that, I very much need YOUR help.

If every person who reads this site mailed just $1 cash, the expenses for the site would be covered for almost a year. Sadly, very few donate. Let me give you an example:

I recently ran a story about Who was killed on a plane that crashed in Russia shortly after takeoff: People connected to the UraniumOne situation. 

259,853 unique visitors read that story . . . which asked for donations -- but only THREE (3) people sent something by mail or donated online.  That's 3 out of 259,853.  WOW.

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The most advanced multi-role jet in the Russian Air Force, the SU-57 was deployed to Syria for the first time about 36 hours ago.  Today, they began doing what Russia said would be done: Attacking "Rebel" enclaves in eastern Ghouta, Syria, an area to the east of Damascus. The attacks have been fierce and they continue as of 9:20 PM eastern US time.  Ghouta is being leveled.

On Thursday night, the American public learned two bombshell pieces of information regarding the Parkland, Florida mass shooting.

Five Turkish warships threatened to engage an Italian drillship Friday as it tried to explore for gas off the coast of Cyprus, Cypriot officials said.

Deputy government spokesman Victoras Papadopoulos said the drillship of Italy's energy giant Eni was trying to explore block 3 off the island's south coast, following a Turkish blockade since February 9.

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UPDATED 3:23 PM EST SEE BOTTOM --- At a Security Conference in Munich, Germany, Senator James E. Risch (R-ID) told attendees the situation with North Korea is heading toward war.  "If it starts . . . . most catastrophic event in the history of our civilization . . . . . mass casualties on a scale this PLANET has never seen before . . . Biblical."

The US Department of Homeland Security, allegedly operating under a Warrant to Seize, has taken the Internet Domain "" as of early Friday morning.

UPDATED February 23 @ 7:10 AM to replace deleted video - See Bottom  --   For quite awhile, readers of this web site and listeners to my radio show have heard me criticize the government of Turkey and in particular, it's President Recypt Erdogan, for their activities.  In fact, I have gone so far as to refer to President Erdogan as a "savage Brown Squat Monster" and "a lying, thieving, Muslim fanatic, who is trying to recreate the Ottoman Empire."  I have never hidden my contempt for that man or his government and now, all of YOU get to see why, with your own eyes.

Twitter, the Social Media platform used by millions of people worldwide, is being sued in Federal Court for violating its own rules, failing to abide by Civil Rights laws, and arbitrarily shutting off speech it does not like; mostly of anyone who is "right-wing" or "conservative" or who points out that lefties are often mentally ill.

The details of the Lawsuit, filed by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, make one wonder: Is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey a tyrant or is he some sort of Emotional Retard?  Perhaps he's a child occupying a grown-up body?  It's hard for some folks to figure this out.

For years we in the United States have suffered increasing numbers of Mass Shootings.  There's a very simple reason: There is no visible punishment for doing so.

Cases drag out for years while Lawyers and bleeding hearts whine about how "disturbed" the shooters are . . . . I say no more of that. 

I say, have a trial, and if he is convicted and sentenced to death by the jury,  build a Gallows outside the Courthouse and publicly LYNCH this son of a bitch by his neck until he is dead  at 12:00 Noon the next day. Let the public see it in-person and broadcast it on TV for all the world to see.  In fact, use the Emergency Broadcast system pre-empting ALL TV, Radio, Cable, Satellite and other mass-communications systems so the entire country sees it.

An 8-year-old girl is the latest child to die from the flu in New Jersey, the state’s Department of Public Health said Wednesday.

A ten year old child was shot and killed in Asbury Park, New Jersey on Wednesday. 

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Russia has had quite enough of the "Rebels" operating in Syria with the support of foreign governments. Rebels in the suburbs of Damascus, an area called Ghouta, are particularly troublesome and those "rebels" are backed by, among others, Saudi Arabia.

This morning, a Russian Air Force plane flew directly from Damascus, Syria to Riyhad, Saudi Arabia, with a Russian Military official onboard who told the Saudis face-to-face "Pull your forces out of Ghouta or we will obliterate the place, Grozny-style."

For some reason, it appears that the United States is presently undertaking the physical MOVEMENT of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM's).  This is not something you see every day.

The Rev. Billy Graham, the Christian evangelist whose worldwide crusades and role as adviser to decades of U.S. presidents made him one of the best known religious figures of his time, has died, Fox News confirmed on Wednesday. He was 99.

Proof that peeps can OD on watching CNN . . . this loudmouth got more than he bargained for when he knocked a MAGA hat off a Trump supporter.  Watch the video below . . .

After the Florida shootings, "gun-control" is back in the headlines.   But take a good look at who wants you disarmed and ask yourself why . . .

Reports are coming in, sporadically, that grocery stores in the U.S. are not being re-stocked with foods, while other types of stores are showing a noticeable lack of  dry goods stock.

From Salem, OR to Minneapolis, MN down to the Atlanta area, consumers are reporting there are always items out of stock now and a lot of the items they do have in stock are in low quantities.

The Mount Sinabung volcano in Karo Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia, erupted in terrifying fashion Monday morning around 7:00 AM eastern US time.  Within seconds, a plume of fire, gas and ash shot well over 5 kilometers into the air. 

More ominously, horrifying pyroclastic flows were sent hurling down the volcano toward local villages and the school shown in the photo above. 

pyroclastic flow  is a fast-moving current of hot gas and volcanic matter  that moves away from a volcano reaching speeds of up to 700 km/h (430 mph).The gases can reach temperatures of about 1,000 °C (1,830 °F).

This is FLASH TRAFFIC for Subscribers to this web site.  Not for public dissemination.

According to a group of seismologists who are monitoring the potentially catastrophic supervolcano, Yellowstone is “under strain.” This new report has reignited fears that the caldera could erupt at any moment.

Where do we drive the line between Liberalism and Socialism?

In what has been described as one of the most vile, misleading headlines of all time, the left leaning New York Daily News published their Saturday edition with a cover that includes the ridiculous fake news claim that alleged Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was actually “trained” by the NRA themselves.

It is time to remove federal judges whose orders direct the president to perform unconstitutional acts or prevent the president from performing actions granted to him by the Constitution.

Senator Bob Casey, the Pennsylvania Democrat, issued a public warning Sunday, telling Special Counsel Robert Mueller to avoid issuing his report near the November election. One of the less crazy, comparatively moderate Democratic senators, Casey’s caution carries some troubling implications.

Raphael A. Sanchez has switched roles in the chronicle of Obama administration appointments.  No longer an ornament on the Obama diversity Christmas tree as a Hispanic senior legal official, the top attorney for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Seattle has pled guilty to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. A press release from the Department of Justice states:

Two days before a 19-year-old former student left 17 dead and many injured in a Parkland, Florida high school this past week, two 14-year-olds from Chicago's Back of the Yards neighborhood were shot. 

In a repeat of the state’s extraordinary role in the 2016 presidential election, this year Pennsylvania will be the center of a serious constitutional challenge.

A man was slashed in the face in Times Square early Monday morning.

Belmar Beach residents and guests caught a whale making waves along the shore on Sunday. 

A New Jersey rabbi was among 30 men who had sex with a teenage girl forced into prostitution by a New York City man and woman who face charges of human trafficking, authorities said. 

At least 43 people have died and 450 people are ill in a Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria, according to the World Health Organization.

Lassa fever, an acute viral hemorrhagic illness, is endemic in most of West Africa, especially Nigeria, where it was discovered in 1969. Symptoms can be mild or severe, including hemorrhaging in the gums, eyes or nose.

Two children in New Jersey and Connecticut may be the latest victims of this year’s historic flu season, officials said.

A man walking on a subway beam in Queens< New York, early Monday plunged several stories to his death, halting "7" train subway service in the area as police investigated, officials say. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Sunday that the Department of Justice is investigating whether the FBI submitted accurate information about the infamous Steele dossier in order to obtain a surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, speaking at Valdai Club conference on Middle East in Moscow, said the United States must remove its troops from the al-Tanf border area of Syria immediately because it appears the US is not running a "de-confliction zone" but instead is using the area to train and equip Terrorists.

UPDATED 10:40 AM EST see Bottom -- The largest and most dangerous volcano in the United States is suddenly experiencing dozens of earthquakes; most only minutes apart, and experts are suddenly getting concerned that the Yellowstone Super-Volcano may be heading toward an eruption.

The last time Yellowstone erupted was about 630,000 years ago, and when it happened, it wiped-out every living thing within 500 miles in ONE HOUR, and sent volcanic ash from the volcano in northwest Wyoming, west to southern California, south to Texas and east into Ohio.  How deep was the ash once it hit the ground?  More than 600 FEET HIGH once it fell from the sky and piled-up on the ground.  Within two weeks, the western  2/3rds of the continental United States was dead. All the trees, plants, animals, birds, fish, insects and people.  The ash killed it all.  On a map, the volcanic ash spread looked like this:

Electricity could conceivably stop flowing to New York City next week, after Unions at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant voted to engage in a STRIKE when their contract expires this coming Wednesday.

Issued by: New York City - NY, US, National Weather Service,

The heartbreaking story of two parents who put their leftist ideology before their own son...


A VERY strong Magnitude 7.2 earthquake has struck on land in Mexico.  The quake took place 37km North East of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Mexico at a depth of 25km.  The shaking was so ferocious, the quake was felt in all directions for five-hundred MILES!

Within 12 minutes of this Mexico quake, a small Magnitude 2.8 quake rattled Diablo, California which is on the SAME FAULT SYSTEM.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office said Friday that a grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for alleged interference in the 2016 presidential elections, during which they ". . . disparaged Hillary Clinton."

Civil War is upon us.  The faster you acknowledge this reality, the better-off we will all be.  The Left Wing has not only rejected the Presidential Election, they are now actively attacking Republicans with force and violence, with their adherents calling for more.

None of us asked for this Civil War, it has been foist upon us.

Issued by: New York City - NY, US, National Weather Service,


Last Saturday (February 10) the world took note as Israel sent fighter jets to pound sites in Syria after an Iranian Drone launched from inside Syria, penetrated Israeli airspace.  The world ALSO noticed that Syrian Missiles shot-down one of those Israeli F-16's, damaged a second F-16 and damaged an Israeli Apache attack helicopter. 

Today, the world gets to see something else: Israel's "Iron Dome" missile protection system . . . . could NOT shoot down those Syrian Missiles ! ! ! 

As the left-wing morons of society once again start blaming inanimate objects (guns) for what a Madman in Florida has done; and as they go on TV and screech about us needing more laws  -- while never once acknowledging that it was already UNLAWFUL to murder people . . . and the killer ignored that law -- the image above accurately describes the actual situation!  

Liberals screech and wail that they care about children being shot and killed.  Strange they don't care when children are being ABORTED and killed. 

Selective Liberal outrage shows them to be political, social, and cultural, RETARDS.  And they're VIOLENT retards, too!

All the mass-shootings shown above were perpetrated by DEMOCRAT votersLiberal, DEMOCRAT voters.

The US Senate has rejected a bipartisan immigration bill aimed at protecting 1.8 million “Dreamers” from deportation and boosting border security, setting up a crunch vote on President Donald Trump’s more hardline plan.

Get a load of this crap: Telling a Left-Winger they are examples of the Dunning-Kruger Effect (A psychological condition) is now "Harassment" according to the numbskulls at Twitter!  @PolitiSass - the whiny liberal girl who told me she had some big database and had all she needed to confront me . . . . but who never followed through by calling my show (which I invited her to do) -- has whined to Twitter!

The dingbats at Twitter have now suspended my account !

Total blockbuster show!  I publicly blamed the Communist Democrat Party for the mass-murder in Florida on Wednesday.  Their twisted ideology drove one of their adherents to go into a school and slaughter innocent people . . .  just like Communists have done worldwide for decades. 

I told the audience that Civil War is upon us, these left-wingers are using force and murderous violence and it is time they are destroyed.  Not defeated, DESTROYED -- by force!  For two hours, I laid out the Democrat / Liberal / Left-wing cultural rot and how their goal is nothing less than the destruction of our Republic. I accuse them of being DOMESTIC ENEMIES who only understand one thing: force.

Those  of you who subscribe to this web site can click below to hear the show.  Those who are not yet subscribers, can get instant access by joining for $1 a week, Billed Quarterly HERE.

Today a Stipulated Motion was filed on behalf of General Michael Flynn. It means General's attorneys are gathering new evidence to fight the charges and prove General Flynn was framed.

This is a BIG DEAL: Stipulated motion means both sides agree to the underlying basis.

Now 1  3  7  SIXTEEN  seventeen people are confirmed dead, and upwards of fifty others are reported injured after a shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County, Florida.  UPDATE 4:06 PM UP TO TWO BOMBS ALLEGEDLY ON SCHOOL GROUNDS!


Forecasters are keeping an eye on a fast-moving storm system that has the potential to bring accumulating snow — or a mix of snow and rain — to New Jersey on Presidents Day weekend.

There's a reason why President Trump invited the cameras to stick around for a White House meeting on trade Tuesday. There's also a reason the media are not covering it.

Tuesday Donald Trump invited media to keep their cameras on during a round-table discussion on trade. He did this for a reason. POTUS Trump wanted the American voters to watch Republican politicians demand that Trump stop trying to bring manufacturing jobs to the U.S.

The Hal Turner Radio Show goes live on WBCQ 7490-AM Worldwide, and is simulcast right here on the Internet at

On tonight's show . . . a potential brawl with radical left-wing anti-Trump-troll calling herself


Says she's ready to do verbal battle and will be accessing her "special database" to reveal all my secrets because she "knows who I am . . . . ."    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhh.   

In my opinion, this loud-mouth-Hussy belongs barefoot and pregnant in a kitchen and if she calls-in tonight, she may wish she had stayed in the kitchen like a good little woman. 

The United States Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Dan Coats, has just testified before the United States Senate Intelligence Committee and said it is "decision time" for North Korea.  He further testified that the regime of Kim Jung Un, through its missile and nuclear weapons development - and overt threats of an offensive nuclear attack - makes North Korea an "existential threat" to the United States of America.

Hal Turner Commentary: For those who might be unfamiliar with how these things work, when a man in a position like Dan Coats, says what was just said - and says it publicly - it means the United States of America is going to war.  

A 5-year-old kindergartner has  died after reportedly suffering from flu-like symptoms. The girl was a student at Lincoln School in North Bergen, NJ.

Electrical power to the Hoboken PATH Trian Station went out at about 5:52 PM Monday; during the height of the evening rush hour.  Commuters existing trains found the platform area shrouded in darkness, with only the minimal lighting available from Emergency lights.

Last night, an explosion at a San Juan power plant regressed Puerto Rico’s efforts to restore power to the island five months after Hurricane Maria struck a massive blow. Much of Northern Puerto Rico has suffered another blackout, including the capital city.

The wife of Donald Trump Jr. was taken to a New York City hospital Monday after she opened an envelope containing an unknown white powder.

The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr. and sent to his mother-in-law's apartment on East 54th Street, just east of First Avenue, in Manhattan.

Donald Trump brought the void to the entire liberal establishment. He brought it emptiness and confusion and, more importantly, he brought it fear of the American people. The liberal sun is setting in the West, and all that remains for its worshippers is an unbearable sorrow for the power they have lost, of bewilderment and anger, a sense of the lengthening shadows of their irrelevance, and a gathering realization that, from having dwelt within the deep corruption of the Obama administration, they have nothing to offer the people but their old socialist handbooks, their consuming hatred for the new president, and a roiling temper of revenge.

The Democrats are addicted to spin, and it’s only getting worse.  Ever since Trump’s ascendance, they seem to have fully embraced the role of party of the straw man argument.  Any misdemeanor gaffe by Trump is instantly upgraded into an imagined capital offense and debated as such by left-wing mouthpieces in the media.  When the president proposes an expensive, strategically worthless Bastille Day-style military parade, for example, the reaction is automatic.

It’s hardly a shocker that Donald Trump is focusing his presidential energies on parades.   For decades, his name has been synonymous with pageantry and ostentation, so it comes as no surprise that his proclivity for ruffles and flourishes has followed him into the White House.  Even less surprising, however, has been the hysterical, overblown response from the Left.

“A military parade like this — one that is unduly focused on a single person — is what authoritarian regimes do, not democracies,” said Rep. Adam Smith, one of the leading House Democrats, clearly doing his best to associate Trump with the likes of Kim Jong-un.  

Of course, Smith and fellow wolf-crying Democrats know that any such parade wouldn’t be “focused on a single person” like the spectacles of North Korea.  It’s an insult to the predominantly Republican military for liberals to even suggest such a possibility. The problem is that those on the Left can no longer help themselves.  They have simply become incapable of making nuanced critiques of questionable decisions by the president or raising prudent concerns about White House policies.  Their knee-jerk reaction is to exaggerate and demonize Trump to the point where they appear flat-out ridiculous to any of us who haven’t sipped their Kool-Aid.

This worsening Democratic tendency has been showcased over and over during the last year and a half.  Recall the apoplexy after Trump, following his nomination, said he alone could fix the country’s problems.  This was a rather banal statement by The Donald’s standards, an egotist’s way of saying he’s the right man for the job.  Nonetheless, the Left hyperbolized it to point where one could be forgiven for assuming that the Republican nominee had just sworn to dissolve the republic and claim the title of American Caesar. 


Or take a more recent example, when Trump joked to an Ohio audience that it would be no big deal to call his opponents in Congress treasonous (“Why not?”).  Democrats could have responded by rightfully complaining that a president, when domestic tensions are this high, shouldn’t kid around about treason.   Instead, however, instincts kicked in and they attacked the inappropriate quip as if it were a pre-meditated accusation made in total seriousness.

Apart from appearing ludicrous in public, Democratic leadership is damaging its long-term political prospects every time they resort to straw man tactics.  As they hack away at the Russian stooge or the aspiring Pol Pot, the real President Trump remains relatively unscathed.   Meanwhile, that president is transforming from an inexperienced blowhard to a seasoned commander-in-chief. In other words, the Left is missing golden opportunities to damage him when he is most vulnerable.

What’s more, by being so nakedly disingenuous, the Democrats are risking what is arguably their greatest strategic advantage: domination of most mainstream media.  For the time being, it is clear that major outlets are still often happy to parrot left-wing talking points.  Respective headlines from The New York Times and CNN after the Ohio speech proclaimed “Trump Accuses Democrats of Treason”and, more absurdly, “Donald Trump Thinks Not Clapping for Him is ‘Treasonous.’”   With this degree of media influence, it’s hard to blame Democrats for getting overconfident when shaping narratives.  What they may be ignoring, however, is the limit of public credulity.

Trump’s State of the Union speech was well received by Independents and even many Democratic voters, indicating that the battle for American hearts and minds is far from decided.  If events shift the public’s faith in favor of the president (say after the Russia investigation comes to naught), his “fake news” narrative could prevail, leaving the disarmed Dems face-to-face with an existential crisis.   Media outlets in that scenario will either have to cease being flagrantly biased for the Left or lose their mainstream status and any remaining pretense of objectivity.

The solution for Democrats should be obvious.  Rather than posturing as a contrived #Resistance to a phantom dictator, Democratic leadership should strive to maintain its party as a dignified and disciplined opposition to this often erratic White House.  If Trump turns out to be the inept leader they believe him to be, Democrats by 2020 could appear as the badly needed adults in the room.  On the other hand, if they continue to scream hysterically about an imaginary daemon-president, it is likely that, by election time, the public will think the only rooms they belong in should have padded walls.

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Obama appointee and former CIA director John Brennan is the target of a perjury investigation by the House Intelligence Committee, according to an exclusive Real Clear Investigations report.

Chairman Devin Nunes is turning his attention to the role the CIA played in promoting the Steele dossier.  The FBI and Justice Department relied heavily on the unverified dossier in their applications for a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

It’s the grandest scale twist of fate that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. Donald Trump's war against media corruption and manipulation is about to have a whole lot of unintended consequences, and there will be Hell to pay when the time for reparation comes.  A 71 year-old half-German, half-Scottish white billionaire from Jamaica, New York  is exposing the myriad lies, contradictions, and logical fallacies that have shaped generations of Americans concerning their views on race and culture.  

As most the world knows by now, a plane crashed in Russia this morning a few minutes after takeoff, killing everyone aboard.  

As Russian authorities released passenger names on the official Death list, several of those now-deceased names raised immediate "red flags" because they appear to be directly connected to the Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama UraniumOne Conspiracy and to the (fake) "Russian Dossier" used to smear President Trump. 

Now that they've been caught, it appears to many that "the Deep State" is cleaning house and getting rid of any loose ends who might testify!

A little over three weeks ago, I became aware of a sudden and dramatic change in the US Banking System that made my stomach sick.  I "sat" on this story for almost three weeks hoping what I found was some type of anomaly or data error.  It's not.

Bankers have almost completely stopped lending . . . . TO EACH OTHER. 

The plunge in "InterBank Lending" was so sudden and so substantial that it looks as though it is actually a PLAN, not happenstance or situationally appropriate. 

It LOOKS like the Bankers are intentionally choking the US Economy and they're doing so at levels far FAR worse than what took place during the "Fiscal Crisis" of 2007-08.  

This is BREAKING NEWS as of 1:33 PM eastern US time on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 (ALL UPDATES AT BOTTOM) -- After this morning's shoot-down of an Iranian Drone which crossed into Israeli airspace, the government of Israel launched eight F-16 fighter jets to attack the base in Syria from which that Drone had been launched.   

During the F-16 attack, Syrian air defenses were able to hit TWO Israeli F-16's, downing one INSIDE ISRAEL. (The Israelis sent their jets to the border between Israel and Lebanon, then fired missiles across Lebanon into Syria.  Syria anti-aircraft missiles traveled across Lebanon and into Israel to hit the attacking planes).

Later, Israel launched more F-16's to conduct additional attacks against what THEY say are "Iranian" bases in Syria, except one such base was also shared with Russia.  Upon coming under attack, RUSSIAN air defense missiles were launched against Israeli F-16's.   In addition, during that same later Israeli air assault, the Israelis found their planes had also come under attack from . . . .  LEBANON. 

NAFTA and The Stock Market timing . . .  The Bankers and Multi-Nationals are using the US "Deep State" to Handcuff President Trump by intentionally manipulating the stock market.  And the connections allowing them to do so are staring all of us in the face!

Israel launched a “large-scale attack” inside Syria on Saturday, targeting Syrian air defense sites after an Israeli F-16 fighter jet was downed by Syria anti-aircraft fire. 

Choose your metaphor: rats leaving a sinking ship, cockroaches scurrying away from the light, or maybe just people cutting deals to save their butts.  Yesterday saw the FBI fan feculated.  (The shit hit the fan).

Given the conduct of leftist Democrats here in the United States, their weaponizing the national security apparatus to spy on us, their deliberate, overt LIES about their own "Russia Collusion" in an effort to cheat an election and undermine our legitimate President, their willingness to shoot conservatives on Baseball Fields, smash glass bottles on our heads in nightclubs, and violently attack us as we leave meetings (NYC),  it is HIGHLY LIKELY that extreme civil unrest will breakout here in the United States.  Once the leftists go "full-retard" many of them will simply have to be "stopped" to restore order.

While halting lefties, Marxists, "progressives" and their degenerate ilk will not give most folks any inner discomfort - and may result in feelings of euphoria at having performed a genuine public service -- the article below will provide you with useful, real-life facts about what to expect and how to react when TSHTF.

On Friday afternoon, a fire broke out at a high-rise apartment building in Manhattan.

New York City Department of Health officials confirm a third child has died from this season's Flu epidemic.

It's been over a year since we took peaceful, law-abiding steps to "drain the swamp."  In that time, we have seen every manner of delay, mis-direction, obstruction, protest, and shutdown.  During that time we have suffered lies, deceptions and intentional mis-direction by so many, on a scale so incredible as to make us wonder whether the rule of law even exists anymore.

Well, it does exist.  You see, WE are the law.  WE THE PEOPLE. Are. The. Law.  And we can take action on our own, in the street, by force.

The United States federal government will shut down at midnight tonight Feb. 8 into 9, because the Congress has not passed a budget bill or Continuing Resolution.

This is the second such shutdown in three weeks.

Well, well, well . .  . lookie, lookie here:  “Carter Page previously worked with the Clinton Administration transition team in 1992-1993 while serving as a Research Fellow on the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) on Capitol Hill. During his Fellowship, HASC Chairman Les Aspin (D-WI) was selected by President Clinton as the Secretary of Defense in December 1992. From May 1993 – December 1994, Carter Page went on to serve as the Arms Control Action Officer for Counterproliferation Policy in the Nuclear Affairs and International Negotiations Branch of the Navy Staff in the Pentagon.”

So Carter Page becoming part of the Trump Transition Team was no accident.  Using Occam's Razor theory . . .  That the simplest explanation is usually the best . . . it now appears that Carter Page was deliberately pushed toward the Trump Transition Team by DEMOCRATS who wanted to use HIM as a reason to justify FBI  spying on Trump via National Security Intelligence apparatus!  Put simply, it appears to me that Carter Page was a "Ringer" who got into the Trump Transition Team for the direct purpose of opening that team up to claims of Russia Collusion.  

Bearing in mind that I am not a licensed financial professional and thus cannot offer financial advice, here's my personal opinion about the ongoing stock market drops:  It's just the Bankers getting rid of stocks they accumulated during ultra-cheap Interest rates from the fed.  It is NOT a "panic" by the general public.

I come to this conclusion based on the simple fact that the price of Gold is NOT going up . . . in fact, it's been going down!  

President Trump is consulting with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the Oval Office right now (2:00 PM Thursday).   

Emergency Foods




Former President Barack Obama has now been directly and personally caught being involved with the corruption-plagued FBI and DOJ efforts to spy-on then-candidate (and later President-Elect)  Donald Trump.

Newly released text messages between two FBI Agents, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok prove without doubt that Obama "wants to know everything we're doing" with respect to the activities against Donald Trump.

Never before has such direct evidence proved that the corruption rose the literally the highest level of our federal government.  Never before has a President been caught using the National Security Intelligence apparatus of the United States against a political rival in order to affect the outcome of an election.  This is totally unprecedented in American history - and it look suspiciously as though felony crimes were committed.

Massive explosion sounds heard in Damascus Israeli airstrikes reported in Jamraya area.

Syria Air defense missiles launched against unknown objects in the sky.

Americans are infuriated at the spying shenanigans taking place inside the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  For weeks, there has been quiet talk about how to deal with such treachery.  Now, Americans are apparently saying out loud, what some dared to only think: "We Will See You Hang."

The National Weather Service scared the hell out of 8 million New Yorkers this morning when AccuWeather "pushed" a TEST as though it was an Emergency  TSUNAMI WARNING for "Central Park, New York City" at 9:28 AM eastern time this morning. The alert went out to Cell Phone users but was a FALSE ALARM.

China is moving missile batteries and troops closer to its border with North Korea, a potential sign that Beijing anticipates either a large refugee wave north or a military disturbance triggered by the belligerence of communist dictator Kim Jong-un.

North Korea warned Tuesday that a resumption of South Korea and the United States' annual joint military exercises will throw the Korean Peninsula back into a state of confrontation.

"If the U.S. and South Korea resume the large-scale joint military exercises, the situation on the Korean peninsula will again be pushed back to the grim phase of catastrophe and the provokers will have to bear all responsibilities," the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported.

"Even before the start of the Winter Olympics, there are increasing concerns at home and abroad about the situation on the Korean Peninsula after the Olympics," the North said, referring to the U.S. "touting the resumption of the joint military exercises with South Korea as soon as the Olympics ends."

   The allies are reportedly planning to conduct their annual joint exercises -- Key Resolve and Foal Eagle -- in April after the springtime drills were delayed until after the February-March Olympics and Paralympics.


In January, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Ankara would not limit its precautionary measures against Kurdish fighters to Syria’s Afrin but could move to Manbij, where the US has some 2,000 of its military personnel deployed.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the United States should leave Syria’s Manbij in Aleppo province as Ankara plans to return it “to its true owners.” He also added that Washington had “calculations against Turkey, Iran and maybe Russia” in Syria, claiming that the US military presence there was directed against the aforementioned countries after Daesh’s (ISIS) defeat.

“If the United States says they are sending 5,000 trucks and 2,000 cargo planes with weapons for the fight against Daesh (Islamic State), we don’t believe this. It means you have calculations against Turkey and Iran, and maybe Russia,” Erdogan told members of his ruling AK Party in parliament.


In 2013 Carter Page was working as an under-cover employee (UCE) of the FBI, helping them to build a case against “Evgeny Buryakov”.  In March 2016 Carter Page remained their informant pre-trial.

The only way the FBI and US Justrice Department could scam their way into being able to spy on Candidate then President-Elect Donald Trump was to FLAT-OUT LIE to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) and claim that Carter Page was a Foreign Spy.  THAT is what FBI/DOJ apparently did and now, they're caught at having willfully defrauded a United States Court.  Here's the proof:

Israel fired four surface-to-surface missiles at Syria today. They struck the Damascus Airport in the capital city, injuring a number of soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army. 

This was done from the Golan Heights despite a warning issued just days ago by the Syrian President, that any future attacks by Israel against Syria would result in Syrian missiles being fired against Ben Gurion Airport!

I am 55 years old and I like to think of myself as being pretty-much up to date with things political, social and cultural. 

With respect to music, having been born in 1962 I grew up in the 1970's, survived Disco, and came of age in the 1980's - when Rock peaked and the songs spoke about things we all live through.

So why is it that I have experienced, for the first time in my life, a complete and total disconnect when it comes to the "performance" by Justin Timberlake during the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl?  I mean, I just don't get it -- at all.  What, exactly, __was__ that . . . thing . . . I watched and heard?

OMG. AM I getting old?

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in the National Football League "Super Bowl 52" played in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Congratulations on a job well done.


Last week that Turkey demanded that US forces vacate military bases in the Syrian district of Manbij, the US predictably refused, and on Monday a top American general said that US troops will not pull out from the northern Syrian city of Manbij, rebuffing Ankara demands to withdraw from the city and risking a potential confrontation between the two NATO allies.

One week later, in the latest dramatic escalation between the two NATO members, Turkey's Deputy PM has warned that US troops fighting alongside Syrian Kurdish militias in the same uniform may be targeted by the Turkish army due to the difficulty of distinguishing them in the heat of battle, effectively stating that US troops in northern Syria are now "fair game" in the ongoing deadly conflict.

A prototype autonomous ship known as the Medium Displacement Unmanned Surface Vehicle (MDUSV) has officially been transferred to the U.S. Navy from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) after a two-year testing and evaluation program. Named “Sea Hunter,” the Office of Naval Research will continue to develop the vessel from this point forward.

Nine states are considering laws that would require their residents to purchase health insurance. The proposals come less than two months after Republicans, as part of a sweeping tax code overhaul, voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) mandate requiring individuals to have health insurance. 

 Al Hayat, an Arabic-language London-based newspaper, writes that Hamas' chief Yahya Sinwar has ordered the Gaza-based Islamist militant group on high alert, indicating that war with Israel is a “95 percent probability” and it could erupt in hours or within days.

UPDATED 5:02 PM EST SEE BOTTOM --  Everyone knows the Super Bowl is a high profile event, and an obvious target for potential terrorist attacks.  Someone, however, seems to KNOW many people are about to be KILLED there today: Wikipedia pages are being updated since January 28 with OBITUARIES of people who  "Died February 4, 2018 at US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN."

Making people even MORE concerned is that former Washington, DC Police Chief, Cathy Lanier, who presided over the botched Seth Rich murder investigation (that seemed to get stonewalled) heads-up security for the NFL.  Worse, G4S, a British Security Firm also handling Super Bowl Security is the firm that hired Omar Mateen as an armed security guard.  It was Mateen who perpetrated the Pulse Nightclub Mass-Shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Today's Super Bowl has "False-Flag Attack" written all over it.

The island of Taiwan 90 miles off the east coast of mainland China has been directly hit by a major earthquake measuring Magnitude 6.1.  The ENTIRE Island was hit by the shaking.  Many buildings are reported to have collapsed.  Many people are reported trapped under debris.  This is a major disaster in a major, densely populated area.

The "memo" has been released! Most of what is revealed within it is not surprising; much of this information has been out there for all to read for many months, almost a year, for those interested in getting to the bottom of this major scandal. But there were a few surprises, among them McCabe's admission that the fake dossier was primarily used to get the FISA warrant and the court was not told it was opposition research.

The mainstream media have assiduously avoided reporting on any of it; their gullible and ill-informed readers and viewers needed to be kept in the dark. It is a sad commentary on the intellectual curiosity of leftists. To quote The Wiz, don't give them "no bad news." If they do not know it, have not read it, it does not exist. What is Uranium One?  Who knows? What is the "dossier"? Never heard of it the Trump-haters say. They choose the bliss of ignorance. As for the memo, "is that all there is," they say. Nothing to see here. Move along. They pretend to be giddy but while flailing about like fish out of water, anyone can see that they are panicked.

The Nunes memo, a summary of hundreds of pages of documents finally turned over to the Intelligence Committee, proves how dogged the left has been in covering up the crimes of the DNC, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ, and the State Dept. as they tried to prevent a Trump presidency, both before and after his election.

The country has been badly served by its premier law enforcement institutions. Obama transformed them from the non-partisan agencies they were meant to be into partisan tools of the left. What does that mean? It means the abrogation of the Constitution, a particular objective of Obama. It means the primacy of illegal immigrants over the rights of native born and legal immigrant citizens. The Democrats need new voters who are wholly dependent upon them. It means they will do anything to further their open-borders agenda. It means they had to defeat Trump, who clearly loves the country as it was founded. He wants to make America great again. They still want to "fundamentally transform America, " Obama's stated goal. Obama made good on his promise to the detriment of us all. Trump is making good on his promise to undo all that nonsense that infected American life and the economy across the board.

The most confounding aspect of the response to "the memo" is the Left's hysteria over its release to the public. For days their adherents have been ranting and raving about the "national security" dangers, the damage it will do to "the investigation." They say it omits the underlying documents, that its talking points are taken out of context. They demand that those foundational documents be revealed. The Republicans say fine, release all of them. Uh-oh. That must mean that the underlying documents and transcripts prove the points made in the memo. The Democrats forgot to remember that. They, the left, operate on minute-to-minute cable news channel feed. They seem unable to foresee the consequences their feverish denials might have the next day. They always operate on the belief that the public is ignorant. They not only believe it, they count on it.

Now that we have read the memo, it is clear there are no national security issues. That was a lie, a feint. The Democrats know very well that the swells at the FBI, DOJ, DNC, NSA, State, and the Clinton campaign contrived to sabotage the Trump candidacy and after the election to submarine his presidency. They not only approve of their various unconstitutional plans to subvert the electorate, they champion them. It's who they are. In their blinkered brains, pickled by the destructive ideology of leftism, they think they are wiser, smarter, and better than anyone on the political right. For the citizens between the coasts with regional issues the left cannot be bothered with, they have only disdain. They cannot imagine that those people matter, that their votes count. In their minds they are an annoyance. They hate that their votes count.

The Left's fight against the publication of the memo was an idiotic ploy. They seem incapable of thinking even five minutes ahead of each day's talking points, ("the memo cherry-picked... etc." was repeated all day long on the left media) as though the future when the whole truth emerges is inconceivable to them. Adam Schiff has made himself into a national joke by mindlessly and relentlessly pushing the Trump/Russia collusion which clearly never existed. It was a setup from the beginning. So invested in his commitment to that fabricated meme, he has made himself a lifelong figure of ridicule. If late night comedy was not so ideologically far left, Schiff would be a staple subject of mockery. 

The memo lays out what actually occurred: our premier law enforcement institutions were weaponized by the Obama administration and the masters of those institutions came to believe themselves above the law. This cabal of our betters meant to override the voters should they elect the wrong person. Then we did elect the wrong person, the one we all like better than the one who lost. They wanted Hillary despite her forty-year record of venality. The rest of us wanted anyone but her. This despicable bunch of self-appointed guardians of leftist orthodoxy decided to fix things and instead fixed themselves as objects of infamy for the remainder of American history. They keep threatening that "if Trump fires Mueller it will cause a Constitutional crisis." Seems we are already there. The Democrats are defending the corruption of the FBI, the DOJ, and the State Dept. If that is not a Constitutional crisis what is? 

Read more: 
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Russian lawmakers have called for a thorough investigation on the origins of the man-portable missile launcher that was likely used by militants in Syria to shoot down a Russian fighter jet before killing the pilot in a firefight.  There are already hints the weapon was supplied by the US, and warnings from Russia that "the country responsible will be punished."

At least two people were killed early Sunday when an Amtrak passenger train collided with a CSX freight train in South Carolina.

About 50 people were transported from the scene with injuries, according to the Lexington County Sheriff's Office.

Federal authorities arrested a Democrat Texas state judge after a series of raids on his courtroom and his home. Information on the charges and other details of the investigation remain sealed. The judge is expected to be presented in federal court on Monday. 

In its partisan zeal to protect the ongoing witch hunt against President Trump, our Nixonian media went into hyper-drive last week to ensure that the unethical and un-American behavior of President Obama’s FBI and Justice Department remained covered up from the public.

After this cynical effort failed with the release of the Nunes memo Friday, the media quickly switched tactics and is now working feverishly to muddy the waters about the horror show revealed in the memo.

Prior to the Third Punic War against Carthage in the 2nd Century BC, Cato the Elder was said to have ended all his speeches in the Roman senate by saying, "Carthage must be destroyed." Notice, Cato did not say 'defeated' but 'destroyed.' What do you suppose motivated this distinguished statesman to take such an extreme position? It was that in the Second Punic War (218 to 201 BC), Rome came close to losing to the Carthaginians. In that war, Rome suffered a number of severe battlefield defeats at the hands of Hannibal's army, most notable being the Battle of Cannae, the worst Roman defeat in history. To Cato, Carthage, although defeated in the Second Punic War, was still a threat to the Republic of Rome. 

Let's move ahead in time. Today we see the depravity and anti-Americanism that is prevalent in today's Democratic Party is literally putting our constitutional republic at risk. Do you think that's an exaggeration? Let's take a look.

News is breaking from Syria that a Russia SU-25 fighter jet, shown in the file photo above, has been shot down over Idlib, Syria.  Video of the crash site is below.

I did NOT raise enough funds between January 31 and today to pay the bills for this web site.  I am $435 short.

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Be Proud, Democrats! Original FISA Warrant was based on fraud…therefore:

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar claimed the House intelligence memo on alleged FBI malfeasance released Friday shows "clear and convincing evidence of treason" by law enforcement officials, despite lingering concerns in the intelligence community over its credibility.

Republicans seized on the White House's decision to approve the public disclosure of the disputed document, compiled by staffers for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, to speak out against the FBI and Justice Department's handling of the investigation into alleged Russian election interference and ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. 

As Democrat shenanigans and criminal acts against our country are exposed to the light of day, the left-wing liberals scream "RUSSIA" to try to divert attention. To divert responsibility.  But responsibility is clear: The Democrat National Committee, the Hillary Clinton Campaign and their allies in the FBI and Justice Departments, weaponized our national intelligence systems with the intent to thwart the Will of the American People, subvert our election, and violate our laws, to achieve THEIR OWN political purposes! They failed. Now, they're caught.

The Hal Turner Radio Show has confirmed that as of 11:30 AM eastern US time, the White House had dispatched a Secure Courier to the Capital Building, to deliver the FISA-Abuse Memo and Presidential approval to Declassify it, to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence for their release to the public later today.

Less than a month after federal immigration officials raided nearly 100 7-Eleven stores nationwide, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents conducted another sweep this week in Northern California, officials said Thursday.

Bundle up! Punxsutawney Phil, the world-famous groundhog, emerged from his burrow in western Pennsylvania and saw his shadow Friday morning, predicting another six weeks of winter.

When amnesty-loving Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-IL, walked out of the State of the Union amid chants of “USA!” “USA!”, he once again revealed his hatred for America and his loathing of the heroes that gave him the freedom to make an absolute fool of himself.

Nearly half of New York City public school cafeterias have been slapped with serious health code violations, including rodents and insects, according to a new report.

Here's something we don't see often . . . or at all: Snow in Tehran, Iran.

Russia’s state-owned news agencies Pravda and RIA Novosti reported on January 22 that the US’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) intends to study the infrastructure of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Finland and Poland for wartime preparedness. All of these countries, apart from Moldova, have borders with Russia. Suddenly, there are LARGE convoys of BMP's (Infantry fighting vehicles) and Trainloads of Tanks on the move in Belarus.

Tel Aviv is ready for an all-out ground invasion of Lebanon in the event of a military conflict with Beirut, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said. His comments come as relations between the two neighbors continue to sour.

President Bashar Assad of Syria has warned Israel that if they launch one more attack against anything in Syria, the Syrian government will order a missile attack upon Ben Gurion Airport.

Gotta love the professionally obtuse former DNI James Clapper.

As much as he is a stuttering doofus, and therein showcases his political value for the former administration; and to the extent that Clapper has previously stated there was no attempt by the DOJ/FBI to gain a FISA authorized approval for surveillance on any Trump campaign officials: “none that I’m aware of“; …it is always valuable to listen to Clapper because he has a tendency to, well, to let slip stuff that makes the black hats cringe.

By now, all of you know that on Wednesday, members of Congress were on a chartered AMTRAK train traveling from Washington, DC to the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia for a "Retreat." That train somehow struck a truck which was crossing the railroad tracks. 

While the truck driver was killed, no members of Congress were seriously hurt.

Did you ALSO know that beneath the Greenbriar Resort is a Continuity of Government Bunker built specifically for Congress?  It's true.  Did you also know that one of the Rothschild's, specifically David M. Rothschild, Tweeted before President trump's State of the Union address "no one is going to remember this speech in the morning?"

Did Rothschild know (or think) that Congress was going to be wiped out in a train wreck?

Yes, it is real.

There have been some developments in the financial arena with regard to my show.

It turned out that $300 in donations in January, strangely got returned to the donor by the US Post Office as "undeliverable as addressed" even though the address was correct!

Thankfully the donor re-sent the money along with another $300.

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If I can pay down the debt, then I can bring something back for everyone.  I don''t know whether that will be radio, but it may be something online - perhaps even live YouTube.

The obvious drawback is Youtube's terms of service.  Anything that anyone, anywhere, finds "offensive" can result in an immediate shut down for months.

Of course, there are other services like LiveLeak and so on, I am researching the various options.

So stay tuned because there could be something good on the horizon.


Best to all of you,

Hal Turner




Democrats are claiming Donald Trump was somehow backed-by or is beholden to Russia for his election as President. The story is totally false, but it brings to mind what one major Democrat - Senator Edward Kennedy -- actually DID when he sought help from Russia to defeat then-President Ronald Reagan!

President Donald Trump would be well advised to look to US History as to how to deal with the rogue US District Court in Washington State, and the rogue US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.  Former President Andrew Jackson utilized a solution with a Rogue Court that is still valid to this day; and all Trump has to do is utter FOUR words . . . 

Those of you attending the Secret Meeting at the secret location are advised that it will begin ONE HOUR LATER, at 9:00 PM local time.  Additional reminders below . . .


Since asking for your assistance with the final server Bill, the following donations have come in:

The Hal Turner Show has officially ended broadcasting as of February 1, 2017.  The reasons were many.  An archive explaining what has gone on, and the reason for shutdown, is linked below.

The Hal Turner Show is cancelled due to lack of financial support.




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  • BORDER COLOR: Color of borders of images in hexadecimal format (in example 000000)
  • SHOW PAGINATION: Select whether to display linked numbers of carousel pages or not
  • AUTOSLIDE: Select whether to change images automatically or not
  • AUTOSLIDE INTERVAL: Time in milliseconds between change of slides (only if autoslide enabled)
  • SELECT TRANSITION EFFECT: Select slide or fade transition effect
  • ANIMATION SPEED: Select speed of transition animation
  • DIRECTION OF IMAGES: Select horizontal to display images in a row, or select vertical to display images in a column
  • TRANSITION LOOP: Select whether to show transition of images in loop or not

Hot Joomla Gallery module is incorporated in this template. You can see how it works on this demo site. Usage is very simple. You need to enter path to your images and your gallery is ready. Control other parameters to make your gallery works better with your theme.

Hot Joomla Gallery module by is a fully configurable, simple gallery module, based on jQuery.

In module parameters, you have control over module display. You can enable or disable image descriptions. It's possible to change number of thumbnails. Images can be shown in "per name" or random order. Slide duration is configurable as well. Module colors are configurable. Unlike our other extensions, here you can't change module width and height. Module width and height are set automatically, based on resolutions of your images. So, please prepare images in a folder before publishing this module.


Open module parameters in Extensions > Module Manager > HOT Joomla Gallery. You'll see that some default parameters are already there. However, you should change some of them to accomodate module for usage on your site.

  • LOAD JQUERY: Select wheter to load jQuery library or not. If your template already loads it, you may disable this to avoid possible javascript errors.
  • FOLDER: Where your images are stored, relative to Joomla root directory.
  • ENTER DATA: Fill this only if you need photos with description text. Otherwise, leave this empty and photos will be shown without description.
  • SHUFFLE IMAGES: Select whether to randomize images order or not.
  • TIMER: How long one photo will stay on screen. Time is in milliseconds.
  • AUTO-SLIDE: Select whether to rotate photos automatically or not.
  • GALLERY COLOR: Enter module's border color.
  • ACTIVE THUMBNAIL BORDER: Border color of active thumbnail image.
  • DESCRIPTION TEXT COLOR: Self explanory.

Hot Full Carousel is Joomla module that acts as an endless carousel. It can occupy entire space of the screen, no matter how big it is. What's achieved by this? Well, users with higher screen resolution usually have a lot of empty space when visiting a website that has a regular width. This Carousel can span the entire horizontal space making the site more interesting. User can oversee the slide that's about to come, and also those that's passed over the screen recently. Using the navigation, user's able to browse through the slides. There are several types of easing that can be applied to the scrolling animation. Also, some or all slides from the set can be linked. It's possible to have up to 20 slides in the rotation (more is not recommended because it could slow down site). For every slide we have a "slot" in the module parameters where we can assign image, heading, text and optionally link.

This module should be placed in a container that has width set to 100%. If you are using another template, make sure that's your case, otherwise, the module won't be able to occupy the entire space. If you are developing your template using Sparky Framework, you can make a row, add a class name of your choice to it, and then give set this class' width to 100% by editing CSS stylesheet. However, in Hot Cinema template everything is pre-configured, so you don't have to worry about it (especially if you installed the template using the HotStart method).

We believe you will find this module useful for your site!

All buyers of this template will get Hot Full Carousel module FREE (regular price is $15).

joomla news tickerThis module will create a Joomla Scroller of your content pages. You can select any section or category of articles, or pick separate articles. This is perfect Joomla News Ticker for all kind of news portals powered by Joomla!

Hot Scroller module by is a fully configurable Joomla articles scroller. It will create news ticker from selected articles of your Joomla site. In module parameters, you have control over module display. You can change width, height, text color, source of content, etc. You can see how the module works on this template demo. In this case, we set scroller width to 1000px and height to 24px, scroll speed to 8 and font size to 11px.


joomla scroller parameters


The Hot Scroller module options:

HEIGHT OF THE MODULE: Overall height of the module in pixels (in example 200).
HEADING, TEXT, DATE and READ MORE LINK COLORS: Please select any color using the color picker.
FONT-SIZE: Select font size per your preference.

SCROLL SPEED: Select speed of the scrolling articles.
SCROLL DIRECTION: From left to right or from right to left.

Many other parameters are related to source of your content. Please check the image to see all parameters of the module.

This module can be purchased separately ($15), but you will get it FREE with Hot News Portal template!

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Once you finish this installation method, you should get exactly the same copy of this Demo site on your server. This is what you need to do to get started with this template. Please follow this guide.

  1. Unzip file "" from the archive you downloaded after purchase. Unzip this archive to your computer.
  2. Using FTP software (such as FileZilla) upload all files and folders to your hosting space. Make sure that folder where you uploaded files is writable by server (chmod 755 or 777).
  3. In browser, open address (change "" with your site address, change "joomla" with folder name where you uploaded files, if you uploaded files to the root folder, you don't need this).
  4. Select your language and click Next.
  5. The installer will check your server to find out if it's compatible with Joomla. If you see any parts marked red, please contact your hosting provider to resolve the problem. If all items are green, you can click Next.
  6. You can read Joomla License and click Next.
  7. You should enter MySQL database connection parameters now. Please enter Host Name (usually "localhost"), username, password and database name and click Next. If you get error message, please check database parameters. If you don't know correct parameters, please contact your hosting provider.
  8. On FTP Configuration page, you can enter parameters of your FTP server. This is not necessary and can be entered later, if needed. So, just click Next.
  9. On Main Configuration screen you should enter Site Name, e-mail and administrator's username and password (twice). Click Install Sample Data button. (Otherwise, demo content won't be imported). Once you get "Sample data installed successfully" message, you may click Next.
  10. As the Finish screen says, please remove "installation" folder from your server (use FTP software).

Congratulations, you are done! Click Site button to see your site's frontend, or Admin to see site's backend (login required with username and password that you selected during installation).

You don't need a nice website if Google can't index it and position it higher in search results.

All Hot Joomla Templates are well optimized for search engines. The template code is valid and passes W3C Markup Validation.

Unlike older versions, newer Joomla versions are well optimized for SEO out of the box. Joomla now use H1 and H2 tags for headings, allow you to enter descriptions for each page, make SEF links better and has many other advantages for semantic HTML code and better SEO. Joomla and our templates are the best combination for your better ranking!




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